Saturday, December 31, 2011



That time between the worlds, secession
Where sleep is dream and wake is a question
Where our souls get closer to where our spirits dwell
And oceans wander and the deep does swell
Where light and life and echoes cease
To be just yearnings and are released
There the call of wonder comes
It beckons for the light of sun
Yet is saddened by its appearance for
The soul does long and cries for more
Of the time between the worlds in slumber
Worlds where what is not is number
Worlds where what can be are living
Worlds where what we need are giving
Everything our heart desires
In living waters and spirit fires
We step into a flowing river
That brings us warmth and makes flesh shiver
Until it seems it is no more
Where last week’s sky is this week’s floor
And all of this wrapped up in time
To walk along in slumber’s rhyme
Is to be so close to heaven we can taste it

K, Duane Carter 12-22-10  

I was going through some of my older journals, just looking at where I was at last year and thinking over the past year, and I found this.  It sparked something on the inside, so I thought I would share it.  I pray it sparks a flame in you also :).  Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 29, 2011



Tonight I heard the sound
My heart, my soul, my flesh have longed for it now
I heard, I felt, the rumble
The rumble of God taking a step
He comes, with light in His eyes
With goodness flowing from Him
Love flowing from His every breath
Life arising, felling death
I heard it again, another rumble
Deep, shaking, earth-trembling
But what is this?
The sounds grow closer and closer together
Until it joins into a thunder
A mighty, shaking thunder
Faster and faster it rolls
Until I realize
It is my Father
Running to scoop me up into His arms
I fear no more
I fear no more
The rushing wind of His mighty arms sweeps me up
I am raised to new life
The thunder is now a roar, the roar of the Lion
The roar of billions of angels
Saying it is time to rise, look up, arise
The Father’s face I recognize
Though at first all I knew was the sound of His footsteps

It’s amazing at what happens in the silence

K. Duane Carter 12-29-11

Thursday, December 1, 2011



Years have slipped on by
As I have wandered this grassy knoll
I have steadily wandered further west
Until the ocean has hemmed me in
Now I stand with this familiar feeling again
Of the unknown, the untested, the unseen
The wondering of what everything does mean
While all the while not really having to know
Doubts are fading, peacefulness grows
In this garden that I have come upon
Where I never hear a familiar song
Yet my heart has heard them all before
My eternal eyes see an eternal door
My mind does not know how to unlatch it
The yielding does know how to catch it
Entering on the invitation
Not striving in dark gyration
I simply walk into something so much bigger than I
Not remembering the when, not understanding the why
I simply walk in realizing
Good Father led me the entire way
He’s led me far today…
Right in the midst of the stillness

K, Duane Carter 12-1-11

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let There Be...

Darkness, steeped to the foundations
Chaos, the only stirring in the night
Until a ever silky breeze enters in
The ever-listening heart of God
Hears the Word of the Painter
He smiles, and He silently opens His wings
He hovers
A gentle voice, like that of a lovely woman
Goes forth
Simultaneously the universe trembles
And it has never stopped since
There, cutting through the darkness and chaos
Was light, and life and color
Beauty and wonder
The laughter still has not ceased
Neither will our wonder at it all
See this is all above the fall
The Laughter never ceases
It just continues to expand and expand
In every direction
Through every parameter
Blowing through all of our paradigms
Misting through all of our walls
Showing up in all of the oddest places
Where it perfectly fits the all

K, Duane Carter 11-26-11

I was deeply inspired to write this after listening to a song entitled "Let There Be" by Gungor.  If you're interested in listening, it is off their newest album entitled "Ghosts on the Earth."  I was going to title the poem something different, so I wouldn't have to bear the guilt of feeling like I had plagiarized it, but the title was just too perfect for me to give up.  Thanks to the Gungor crew for releasing such beauty and creativity and sharing it with us all.  By the way, if they are ever in your area GO SEE THEM.  You will never forget it.  They put on the most powerful and beautiful live performances I've ever seen.  Don't miss it if they are close by.  :)

Friday, November 25, 2011



The thing I don’t like about formulas
Is that it takes all of the magic away
Yet at the same time they are woven throughout the universe
Dancing throughout the night and the day

Why is that?
Please don’t say that is just how it came to be
For I have seen the grandeur of the ocean
I have felt the complexity of the tree

I have delighted in flights of pure wonder
I have known the great mystery of Whom
I’ve been enraptured by the beauty of flower
I’ve seen life as it comes forth from the womb

See, the thing I don’t like about formulas
Is that it takes all of the magic away
Yet at the same time they are woven throughout the universe
Dancing throughout the night and the day

And I’m just beginning to hear the music

K, Duane Carter 11-25-11

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Entry

The Entry

Narrow is the gate into the kingdom of beauty and wonder
Yet within the way is very, very broad
In fact, it is eternal
It dances in the clouds
It moves into the depths like the waters
It is older than the mountains
Yet younger than the sky
It moves on without hesitation
Never stopping at the why
It is blue as blue is meant to be
It is promise of coming life
The entry may be narrow and hard
Yet within there is no strife
So don’t mistake the universe for the entry
Don’t settle down where there is no room
Keep stepping toward the bluest depths
Where the sun always rests at noon

K, Duane Carter 10-27-11



so often we want answers in black and white
yet that is not how they come
that isn’t how it was designed
sure it makes it so much simpler
because things are so much simpler when they’re dead
so our answers come not at all
or when they do
they’re red and yellow
still missing some points
but that is not the point
the point is to enjoy the beauty and the wonder
as it contrasts against our blacks and whites
living things amongst the dead
the answer comes in yellow and red

K, Duane Carter 10-27-11

Saturday, September 10, 2011



I feel like this
I have been created to shine
Yet my wings are still folded
I quietly rest sublime
My head bowed slightly
But my eyes open
Though they are still covered up
By His hand
He readies me to see His face
He roots me in the land
Green surrounds me
It brings in nourishing light
Just when no one is watching
Just in the midst of the night
I will burst forth
Because I will have seen His glory
Life will come
It will never end
I will be more than servant or friend
I will be son and bride
With nothing to hide
Nothing to hide at all
Even if I’m forever hidden

K, Duane Carter

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Take the Step

Take the Step

I stand on the precipice
The place where if I leap
I leave behind all that has given me life
Yet have I had life
When I’ve stood alone?
All alone in my self-reliance and my achievement
I see that if I leap there is a great valley before me
I can’t even see the end of it
Yet there are also great mountains
Incredible forests
The running river
And wind
I can’t stand here any longer
Nor will I retreat
I step off an edge into the unknown
Feeling a breeze beneath my wings
That I didn’t even know I had
I breathe in glad

 K, Duane Carter 9-1-11

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Call from the Ancients

A Call from the Ancients

I sense Your presence
Like waves of wind
Passions of fragrance
All amongst the generations
The nations, the genders
My father, long passed on
Still looks at me and calls me on
Time to bring the heart to life
Time to bring the heart to life
The drum begins to beat, growing stronger still
The sound of rushing waters, the blood is flowing
A cry rises up in the Spirit
A cry for overcoming on earth
Where the arrows in our quiver are fiery love
The casualties bring on new birth
The horses release a mighty thunder
Lightning guides the way
We bolt and thunder behind the pillar of cloud
We swarm behind the Fire of Day
Never taking our eyes off the Prize
Never, ever taking our eyes off the Prize
For victory is not my yearning hearts goal
It is the Victor Who I want to see

K, Duane Carter 8-26-11

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



The droplets are forming
Condensation from the heavens
Right at the point of final release
That finally brings on the beginning
All things new
Many things few
Until they are one
Just like the molecules
Forming the droplets
There is power in the union
There is momentum in the making
There is movement in the stillness
There is moisture in the dry
There is an answer in the why
There is formation in the sky
I feel it beneath my feet
It’s about to consume the street
Of every tongue and every nation
Of every curve and fenestration
There is a condensation forming
Where no one will be afraid
We will all be covered in love
Look, it’s forming clouds above
No death, no darkness, no childish fray
Will stop, delay, or mar this day
For nothing stops the gravity
Nothing stops the majesty
When the sound, the roar falls to the earth
The drops are forming, a windswept birth

I saw a droplet on the sidewalk…
Now I feel one on my face…

Feels like grace…

K, Duane Carter 8-24-11 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Through the Glass

Through the Glass

I see the jay prancing on the porch
He’s eyeing the suet at the corner
But then
He sees a shadow that is I
Beyond the other side
He waits, fearful, unsure
Pecking with short grasps
One eye on me, one on the prize
Not knowing it was I who put the prize there in the first place
I move
He flitters off
I sit back down
He returns, wary
Suspicious but needy
Wondering if the risk is worth it all

But then

Suddenly I see myself

K, Duane Carter 8-17-11

Monday, August 15, 2011


I walk along a path of stone
Ground by years of wear
I suddenly sense a Greatness near
Yet I know not why or where
I lift my head and see the vastness
The granite, the stones, the trees
I suddenly sense I am surrounded by Love
I stop and I go to my knees
I am completely encircled by Someone beyond
I am completely enamored and awed
I am so mesmerized that I barely can breathe
I just know I must give Him my all
The mountains cry out and speak His name
The trees list silent in the winds
I shrink to the size of a quark of a seed
I hear His voice call me “friend”

I am surrounded

K, Duane Carter 8-15-11

Monday, August 8, 2011



I look out the morning window
The sun taking its time to rise
Orange and amber everywhere
Stillness in the skies
And yet
I see the wind chimes moving, drifting
A pendulum of dancing glass and light
They show a stirring of the wind
They show an ending of the night
And yet
In this box of paint and glass
I feel not a thing, sense only sight
Yet no experience, no heart felt stirring
Only a hunger to know the more, no more night

So I step outside

Wind touches every facet of my skin
My life, my love they begin again
Inside the shadow of the hummingbird does fall
But outside I hear his wings, his call

I breathe in the air
I feel the stirring
I know the sunlight
I hear the whirring

I am truly alive

K, Duane Carter 8-8-11

Thursday, July 28, 2011

God's Country

God’s Country

I have come into the land of God
I am closer than I have ever been
Yet I have never been further away
It isn’t that my heart has strayed
Rather I am steeped in an aloneness
I’ve never had this before
This pressure that molds and forms
It makes and shapes and recreates
Something I could never have dreamed or imagined
I sense Him coming after me
With a passion that could only compare to a fiery wind
A heat, a power so massive that no one and no thing can stop it
Yet I fell nothing, see nothing, hear nothing
Knowing all the while it is right there behind me
Waiting to surprise me with such an abrupt suddenness
That my rocky heart must crack and bleed
A new one will take its place
Then the stagnant will erase
I have come into the land of God
I simply wait
I simply walk on
To the way where He’s already been

K, Duane Carter 7-28-11

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Call

The Call

I have felt the call to go up this mountain
Though I am here all alone
Yet still, a small voice calls out from beyond
For me to go to places never traversed before
Though the summer, the snow is still in place
The mask comes off, and reveals the face
All is done and all is well
I feel the sense of expectation swell
I begin the steep ascent

K, Duane Carter 7-20-11

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No rmal

No rmal

There’s nothing worse for a poet
Than to have no poem
But even darker still
Is a life with no desire
An existence with no burning fire
Long has it been quenched and calmed
Into a vicious and nasty state
Known as normal
It’s time to arise
It’s time to arise
To stretch out those broken wings to fly
(For how will you taste healing unless you fly again)
Feeling the winds of yearning begin to lift you up
To taste the sweet and bitter cup
Of the real and untamed and glorious Fire
Of the deep and haunting chalice of desire
Begin to dream again
Begin to call impossible friend
And watch him yield to the sight that is within you
Who makes all things new

K, Duane Carter 7-13-11

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Folding Laundry

Folding Laundry

such an endless eternity
seeming to go on and on and on
more coming in than going out
turning your heart into a Dead Sea
let your heart connect with Life
let your being connect with a River
and all of a sudden
every towel you fold
every wash cloth you put away
releases color, light, and wonder
it is an act of worship
it releases a fragrance of love into the home
it causes the angels to fly and roam
into your spirit, soul, and life
it puts a veil of the miraculous on all who live there
and even those who don't
suddenly you are an ambassador of the King
releasing heaven into earth
Life then sings, "Come up higher"

Welcome to the delight of folding laundry
it is the place of your promotion
a simple choice to avoid emotion
living out of a greater place
You iron a shirt
And there you see God's face

Isn't it great?

K, Duane Carter 7-2-11

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sitting Outside at Starbucks

I sit with my back to the mountain
feeling the breezes blowing my way
sunshine brings the warmth
the wind brings the cool
the mixture can be intoxicating
Invigorating, restoring, rejuvenating
The breezes bring the fresh air
the flowers dance to the music
releasing their fragrances to the skies
bypassing all of the whys
to simply enter into the why nots
Country music breaks the sounds
but then that just disappears
a new sound comes and takes its place
but that fades into the distance also
Yet the breezes still continue on
a gentle sound of all the frequencies 
Stirs all around
Orthodoxy, priesthood walks on by
I feel no fear, no pain, no hate
Just a simple truth that God makes all things great
We're all just trying to find more of Him
The best we all can
In the process we find He's been after us
He was telling us that in the breezes
He was speaking to us on the mountains
We just didn't turn around
But now that I'm found
I turn my face to see His smile
I feel the flowers dancing
I smell the cold of snow
I see the sounds of life and love
Only Him do I want to know

K, Duane Carter 6-24-11

Monday, June 13, 2011

Crimson Curtains

Crimson Curtains

Crimson curtains drawn down
Closing out the closing scenes
Longing for the hope, the dreams
I wonder what tomorrow holds
Beyond the veil
I wonder if I will fly or sail
Or walk or run or stroll or crawl
Will I make a bridge?
Or will I build a wall?
Whatever it is
Whatever I become
It is covered in mystery, in love
With little glimpses of moonlight
Silver slivers slipping through
All things covered, all things new
All things wonderful, all things true

I’m just dancing in the flowers of the cloaking
Within the promise of the moon I’m soaking
There must be a greater source of the light
I fly by day and swing by night

Simply looking for the breezes

K, Duane Carter 6-8-11

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flying (Again)

Flying (Again)

Sometimes I wonder what would happen
If we would just let loose
Let go of this imaginary control we have over ourselves
And ride the winds of free and fanciful
I wonder where that would go
I wonder if the world would know
Just what it would be like to be completely transformed
Into a world of dreamers and dancers
Artists and enchanters
Who simply live the impossible things
Instead of searching for golden rings
By analyzing the metallic content of it all
I sense the wonder, I sense the call
But am I willing to let go of this fear
This strange anxiety that keeps me here
In a land of concrete logic and visible truth
Where wisdom is ignored, and worshiped is youth
Yet I see cracks in the pavement
And the flowers are growing there
Before too long we all will simply let down our hair
And run like there is never to be a tomorrow
For it will always be today
It will be this way on earth today
When we let go of these ballasts called fear
Trading them in for the wings of love
Soaring we’ll go to heights above
Heights where others said we could not go
Peace will be our oxygen flow
The mountaintops envious in their lowness
We dance with might, we dance with zest
We simply dance instead of walking in dreary routine
We don’t see what all of the mysteries mean
But we embrace them all just the same
We blow a kiss, we speak a name
We care not for fortune, we care not for fame
I awake from dreams, never the same

I feel the grass beneath my feet again…

K, Duane Carter 5-31-11

Sunday, May 29, 2011



a temple spire
like a god
rising up from the water
poiseidon it is not
steel girders
elegance and beauty
we remembered, we forgot
the elements of our being
but here we find it freeing
to behold the beauty of the sight
bursting forth like candle light
in the midst of a misty forest of steel
I reach forth and take the wheel
Traversing forth into my destiny

A new day begins

K, Duane Carter 5-29-11
Image by Scott Wyden
Written for Photo Challenge

Monday, May 23, 2011



Can you hear the roar?
Or better yet can you feel it?
Can you feel the thunder of His paws treading the earth,
Can you sense the wonder of the coming birth,
Can you smell the breath of life?
Can you feel the tremble of the groan,
As earth welcomes the Lion as its own,
The One Who made it and has come to reclaim?

I feel the tremors within my soul
My spirit charged with the power of the roll
Of thunder and lightning and color and light
I hear the darkness now it screeches in fright
And soon they will all be a vapor
They will all just be a vapor
No cancer, no autism, no poverty, no death
I can smell the release of the Lion’s breath
And it smells just like the rose, red in its depth
But brilliantly white, brilliantly light

Release Your roar O Lion of Judah
Release Your roar into this night
Release Your roar O Lion of Judah
Release Your roar into our darkest of nights
And we will watch Your glory rise
We will watch the bluest skies
Come forth like a bride in her beauty
Radiant and beaming and whole
Healed in body, spirit, and soul
Clamoring, pursuing the love of her life
Crushing darkness, crushing strife
Under the delicate feet of peace and love
Release Your roar into below and above

For the time has come to make merry
For the time has come to feast
On all the wonders of Father’s goodness
From the greatest to the least
We all come hungry for Your Love

I hear the Thunder

K, Duane Carter    5-4-10

Saturday, May 21, 2011



The wind blows through the sea oats
Flavors and aromas of salt
Water and air
Stirring the feathers, moving the hair
Like a thousand spirits dancing
To the music of the sunlight
All the colors of the rainbow
Exist in the yellows, reds, and blues
But none of the blues exist in me
For within the light, within the wind
I am free
Free to fly when I wish
Or free to stand on the shore and feel water between my toes
Within the grasps and throes
Of movements far beyond my grasping
They are there for just the simple asking
I relish these moment of quiet
And the Quiet relishes me

K, Duane Carter 5-21-11

Monday, May 16, 2011



On the brow
On the brow
Taking thoughts away from me
Seeking life
Seeking life
Where I just want to be
Drop these chains
These dark remains
Of a pain that creeps inside
You won’t win
Won’t win again
For I let you go into the night
Let you go
Let you go
Fly away from my days
Clear away, clear away
Drop the vapor from the haze
I see you now
I see you now
You just run away afraid
You don’t scare me
You can’t scare me
I am walking alive, alive, alive, alive, alive
I am coming alive, alive, alive, alive, alive

Yeah, I drop the chains
Yeah I drop the chains

Only love remains…

K, Duane Carter 5-12-11

Friday, May 13, 2011


A nasty fog
With a nasty grip
I feel the tendrils
A chill, a rip
As my heart gets invaded with the fear

A beckoned sun
Rises on its own
I feel the beams
A light, a warmth
Rising up like a great shield

Warming heat
Brightening light
Birth of life
Death of fright
The flower blooms in majesty

K, Duane Carter 5-12-11 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Reality's Paradox

Reality’s Paradox

Everything I see
Is a vacuous nothing
Compared to One Who I cannot see
One Who causes me to be

All that I feel, all that I know
Is just meaningless drivel
Compared to the Wonder
The Mystery flow

All that really is
We mistakenly see as really not
Everything that brings all to us
We actually know not what

Or Who

Open our eyes

What is not seen is greater
Than what we say we see

K, Duane Carter 4-27-11

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Hallway

The Hallway

I didn’t make it to the place I thought I would
What seemed like a simple journey forward
Has ended with me here
Staring at the floor
No one else to get me to the destination
Impediments and hesitations
Have left me here in this place
The place where no one sees my face
And I can’t see the Beauty right beside of me
The dust and dim have hidden him
The silence just keeps calling me friend
Yet my right hand is still on the wheel
My direction is still toward the goal surreal
I sense a helper coming from way beyond
A fuzzy figurine, the green, the frond
The changing autumn leaves are not a sign of impending winter
They are a sign that death will splinter
I will make it to my home
I will make it to where my heart can roam
Though my body stays in this silence
I will make it…
I will make it…
My right hand still rests on this turning wheel

K, Duane Carter 4-24-11

Image by Greg Laychak.  Written for Photo Challenge.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Walk

The Walk

I traveled a pavement path today
It took me to recent, distant past
Many things arose
The good, the bad, and yes, the ugly
Yet, these things had no hold, no hold
They could gain no hallowed ground
For there was something greater still
That took the past and drowned
The greater was the present
It was the sunshine radiating off all alive
The skies so rich with blue
The green of the new leaves on the trees
The wind was whispering new
Songs of life and hope and peace and love
All of these things were more than enough
To erase the past, to place it where it should be
I think I’ll simply rest beneath this tree
Slipping as a dream into my future 

K, Duane Carter 4-23-11 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



I close my eyes to go to sleep
In the place right in between
Awake and not
I see a funnel of white
Ribbons of white coming to me
Beckoning me to go to another place
Another time, another hope, another rhyme
Yet my mind cannot handle the promise
I feel my being, my being pulled to this place
My mind cries out in fright of being left behind
Never to be found again, never again to know a friend
Or the kisses of an enemy
I slide into a fretful sleep
Interrupted by the disappointment
Yet at its foundation is a greater hope
I am finding the doors to great journeys
They are opening for me to see
Soon I will be stepping through
I will be a spirit in the Mist
No longer shaking violent fists
I will just bask in the unknown
Being molded by the hands of God
Being shaped into a shepherd’s rod
So His word may strike the earth
The earth will know His goodness
His glory will stream over the lands and mountains
All will know, all will see
From highest mountain to tallest tree
All will know, all will see
The ribbons of white are coming down toward me

K, Duane Carter 3-29-11

Flight of Fantastic

Flight of Fantastic

I am flying on the back of a winged being
Not a creature for He is not created
I cannot get a glimpse of His face
Nor a glimpse of His form
I only know I can feel His gigantic wings move
As I hold on for one glorious, terrifying ride
It was the music that led me here
Riding the waves of sound
A white ribbon, a torrent of movement
I find myself in a cloud, thick with warmth
Feeling the breeze, knowing I am in safety
Yet not knowing hardly anything at all
If I hold on, I will not fall
We come out of the shadowy clouds
Before me a great mountain
Stony spires rising high to the skies
Sunlight setting right behind it
A city of immense proportion
Yet more stunning was its beauty
I sat breathless wondering what world was this
Without words, it was spoken
The flying One speaks without sound
Only the beating of the wings
“This is an outpost of heaven.  It is one of the rooms of My house.”
I always thought a room was, well, a room
Not a gigantic beauty tucked into the mountains
A sunlight ethereal shining behind it
Air pure as the snowy sky
No fear, no doubts, no more of the questions why
Just a heart content, dwelling in the beauty
“I wonder how good this moisturizer works?”
I am back on earth
Yet the journey stays within my heart
The journey with the Spirit
Not just the sights I saw with my eyes
Left me mesmerized

K, Duane Carter 3-29-11

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jacob's Dream

Jacob's Dream

Dead man walking
Making not one imprint on the world or its lands
Imprisoned in the hell of mere existence
Chains and stocks and fetters encircle my hands

I come to the final resting place
Never understanding why they call it a rest
When all is dead and gone
There is nothing more and nothing less

The chains pull me to the ground, the sound
Is almost like infernal laughter, hyenas howl
There is a shadow now above me
I am about to exit the now

The air from the shadow does stir me
It calls me to lift up my head
With everything, anything within me
I lift my eyes from the grip of the dead

I see the outlines, the masking of a ladder
The ladder does reach to the sky
As my eyes take this image into reality
My spirit releases a sigh

The release of the sound calls the angels
They begin to descend and ascend
I feel life beginning to rise in my being
I feel the chains lifted off by the Wind

The Wind then becomes a great Vortex
Pulling me up off my knees
It pulls all that binds me off of my spirit
It then stirs the leaves of the trees

I sense the smells of lavender, vanilla
I hear the sounds of the stirring of winds
I see light coming in all around me
I see angels that still ascend and descend

God was here and I didn’t know it
Right here in the place of my death
He reached out and sent forth His ladder
Simply waiting for the release of my breath

Everything changed in a moment

K, Duane Carter 3-27-11

the Abstract

image by Roger Allen Baut

the Abstract

truth is found in layers
yet light is always at it’s center
moving and weaving through all
a sine wave interrupted but never stopped
crystal clear, it shows us here
the truth will not be robbed
of its clarity, its purpose
even that which is just seen on the surface
reveals what is deeper within

K, Duane Carter 3-27-11

Sunday, March 20, 2011


image by James Rainsford


Sometimes God shows up in surprising ways
He comes upon us and messes up our left-brain strays
Waking us up from our slumbers
Our endless, stony days without numbers
Just waiting outside the realms of the religious
Calling us to spread out our wings and fly with Him.

He rests sometimes right above our heads
As we longingly look elsewhere for our bread
Standing outside in the rain and storm
Forgetting, ignoring our original form
Where the light caught our wings and lifted us higher
We have taken stones and form in place of fiery desire
It is less painful, but is not living

God patiently waits, He patiently waits
The light and the music continue to wake
The waves move within our souls, and our minds
To our hearts the melodies one day will find
Then breath will come, warmth will come
The stony caricatures will be undone
We will all find our wings and soak in the sun
Our songs will never be quite the same

K, Duane Carter  3-20-11

Written for One Stop Poetry Challenge

The Wait is Over

The Wait is Over

I can feel God in the chord progressions
I can sense His love dancing on the air
I can accept His touch in the words that fly
The ones I can and cannot compare

I see His order as it falls in the shadows
The light from the sun on the vines
I see His dance as He moves on the spring winds
Not knowing the depths of His glory that are mine

I see the call of new life in the flowers
I hear His voice in the sound from the trees
I see His foundations in the blades of the grasses
I sense His awe as I go to my knees

I stand in the midst of His glory in springtime… 

K, Duane Carter 3-19-11 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is At Hand...

Is At Hand…

I search photos for the poetic
While sitting in the midst of the birds’ chorus
Outside in the midst of the green, the trees
Bees are buzzing about wintertime dreams
We all know that the universe is poetry
Held together by rhyme and rhythm
Mystery and surprises
Exfoliating the old, always birthing the new
Resting on blades of grass is the morning dew
Reflections of majesty
For those willing to get close to the ground and see
For those willing to look away from the image
To embrace the real

The real must be now more surreal
Just like the reflections in the droplet of water
Wider, taller, movement in stasis
Smaller, purer, found in ecstasies
It is amazing how the living long for stillness
While the dead walk right by life

I search the photos for the meaning of the poetic
While sitting in the midst of the birds
Singing their dreams

K, Duane Carter 3-19-11