Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sitting Outside at Starbucks

I sit with my back to the mountain
feeling the breezes blowing my way
sunshine brings the warmth
the wind brings the cool
the mixture can be intoxicating
Invigorating, restoring, rejuvenating
The breezes bring the fresh air
the flowers dance to the music
releasing their fragrances to the skies
bypassing all of the whys
to simply enter into the why nots
Country music breaks the sounds
but then that just disappears
a new sound comes and takes its place
but that fades into the distance also
Yet the breezes still continue on
a gentle sound of all the frequencies 
Stirs all around
Orthodoxy, priesthood walks on by
I feel no fear, no pain, no hate
Just a simple truth that God makes all things great
We're all just trying to find more of Him
The best we all can
In the process we find He's been after us
He was telling us that in the breezes
He was speaking to us on the mountains
We just didn't turn around
But now that I'm found
I turn my face to see His smile
I feel the flowers dancing
I smell the cold of snow
I see the sounds of life and love
Only Him do I want to know

K, Duane Carter 6-24-11


  1. Duane,
    Love it! Want you to know I'm praying for everyone in your family your work the people that are around you, around Melissa to lift you up on God's wings. Through the storm that seems never ending at times is beauty on the other side. Do nothing but stay strong in Him, guide your family to where He wants you to be.

    God Speed!

    Christina Bailey

  2. A "theological moment" at what has become that most quintessential of American places. Good poem Duane.

  3. Thanks Christina and Glynn. I always appreciate your feedback.