Monday, September 13, 2010


My mind is a barren wasteland
Quiet in a hardened steel kind of way
I feel the pull of the tug to join into the fray, yet
That is just a place of distraction, diversion
It is truly not the place where there is quiet rest
That place is found in the garden of the nest
Where wings of love and goodness cover
Where dreams untold are now discovered
Where truth and beauty are always revealed
Where the steel of my mind does bend and kneel
To the greater gift of goodness, to the greater truth of light
And in that place I truly discover the purpose of the night
I still am in the barren, yet my feet have begun to move
To find the land of goodness I simply have to choose
And not put it off for another day, another time
Today I will enter my rhyme
It is time
K, Duane Carter 9-13-10

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This is a picture
A picture of Jesus dancing over us
White robe, gold crown
Beauty, beauty all around
Golden sweetness falling off of Him
Like water vapor off a cascade
He sings and gives us quite a parade
With angelic beings and creatures never before seen
We don’t know what it all can be, what it all can mean
All we know is we are in the throes of His dance
And life is nothing less than to dwell, to bask
In the honey of His glory

K, Duane Carter 9-9-10

The Baptism

The Baptism

I fall in backwards
Into the cold, wet grave
My hands placed neatly across my chest
Laid into a place of rest
My eyes still open I see
The bubbles bubbling over me
They climb up toward the towering trees
As sunlight still pierces the surface
And as I reach the depths I notice very quickly
That I cannot stay there
I begin to rise
As the water bears me up
It brings me up to the surface
And I rise with the oxygen toward the light
And I come up
A new man
A new creation
A new son
With a new love
And a new heart
Making a new start
As the old stays down on the bottom
My eyes take in the light
And the wind whispers through the trees
Strength returning to my knees
So I may now walk in the difference                               

K. Duane Carter 9-17-09