Sunday, March 27, 2011

the Abstract

image by Roger Allen Baut

the Abstract

truth is found in layers
yet light is always at it’s center
moving and weaving through all
a sine wave interrupted but never stopped
crystal clear, it shows us here
the truth will not be robbed
of its clarity, its purpose
even that which is just seen on the surface
reveals what is deeper within

K, Duane Carter 3-27-11


  1. Duane! Stunning and brilliant take on an equally stunning image. And like your piece, there is great truth spoken here. And thanks for you kind comments on my effort as well :) Power to the poets!

  2. Thank you Natasha! And your poem was much more than an effort it was truly excellent. Have a great weekend!

  3. First visit here I think and I do like what I've seen. The depth of emotion here is pretty powerful for a single photo.

  4. Thanks Shan for the great comment. I enjoyed your poem about this image immensely. This it what I've always loved to do: look at photos and write about them. It's fascinating to see the different views of others looking at the same photo. Thanks for visiting my site.

  5. Really good poem. And the abstract can contain just as much truth as the realistic. Well done.