Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flying (Again)

Flying (Again)

Sometimes I wonder what would happen
If we would just let loose
Let go of this imaginary control we have over ourselves
And ride the winds of free and fanciful
I wonder where that would go
I wonder if the world would know
Just what it would be like to be completely transformed
Into a world of dreamers and dancers
Artists and enchanters
Who simply live the impossible things
Instead of searching for golden rings
By analyzing the metallic content of it all
I sense the wonder, I sense the call
But am I willing to let go of this fear
This strange anxiety that keeps me here
In a land of concrete logic and visible truth
Where wisdom is ignored, and worshiped is youth
Yet I see cracks in the pavement
And the flowers are growing there
Before too long we all will simply let down our hair
And run like there is never to be a tomorrow
For it will always be today
It will be this way on earth today
When we let go of these ballasts called fear
Trading them in for the wings of love
Soaring we’ll go to heights above
Heights where others said we could not go
Peace will be our oxygen flow
The mountaintops envious in their lowness
We dance with might, we dance with zest
We simply dance instead of walking in dreary routine
We don’t see what all of the mysteries mean
But we embrace them all just the same
We blow a kiss, we speak a name
We care not for fortune, we care not for fame
I awake from dreams, never the same

I feel the grass beneath my feet again…

K, Duane Carter 5-31-11

Sunday, May 29, 2011



a temple spire
like a god
rising up from the water
poiseidon it is not
steel girders
elegance and beauty
we remembered, we forgot
the elements of our being
but here we find it freeing
to behold the beauty of the sight
bursting forth like candle light
in the midst of a misty forest of steel
I reach forth and take the wheel
Traversing forth into my destiny

A new day begins

K, Duane Carter 5-29-11
Image by Scott Wyden
Written for onestoppoetry.com Photo Challenge

Monday, May 23, 2011



Can you hear the roar?
Or better yet can you feel it?
Can you feel the thunder of His paws treading the earth,
Can you sense the wonder of the coming birth,
Can you smell the breath of life?
Can you feel the tremble of the groan,
As earth welcomes the Lion as its own,
The One Who made it and has come to reclaim?

I feel the tremors within my soul
My spirit charged with the power of the roll
Of thunder and lightning and color and light
I hear the darkness now it screeches in fright
And soon they will all be a vapor
They will all just be a vapor
No cancer, no autism, no poverty, no death
I can smell the release of the Lion’s breath
And it smells just like the rose, red in its depth
But brilliantly white, brilliantly light

Release Your roar O Lion of Judah
Release Your roar into this night
Release Your roar O Lion of Judah
Release Your roar into our darkest of nights
And we will watch Your glory rise
We will watch the bluest skies
Come forth like a bride in her beauty
Radiant and beaming and whole
Healed in body, spirit, and soul
Clamoring, pursuing the love of her life
Crushing darkness, crushing strife
Under the delicate feet of peace and love
Release Your roar into below and above

For the time has come to make merry
For the time has come to feast
On all the wonders of Father’s goodness
From the greatest to the least
We all come hungry for Your Love

I hear the Thunder

K, Duane Carter    5-4-10

Saturday, May 21, 2011



The wind blows through the sea oats
Flavors and aromas of salt
Water and air
Stirring the feathers, moving the hair
Like a thousand spirits dancing
To the music of the sunlight
All the colors of the rainbow
Exist in the yellows, reds, and blues
But none of the blues exist in me
For within the light, within the wind
I am free
Free to fly when I wish
Or free to stand on the shore and feel water between my toes
Within the grasps and throes
Of movements far beyond my grasping
They are there for just the simple asking
I relish these moment of quiet
And the Quiet relishes me

K, Duane Carter 5-21-11

Monday, May 16, 2011



On the brow
On the brow
Taking thoughts away from me
Seeking life
Seeking life
Where I just want to be
Drop these chains
These dark remains
Of a pain that creeps inside
You won’t win
Won’t win again
For I let you go into the night
Let you go
Let you go
Fly away from my days
Clear away, clear away
Drop the vapor from the haze
I see you now
I see you now
You just run away afraid
You don’t scare me
You can’t scare me
I am walking alive, alive, alive, alive, alive
I am coming alive, alive, alive, alive, alive

Yeah, I drop the chains
Yeah I drop the chains

Only love remains…

K, Duane Carter 5-12-11

Friday, May 13, 2011


A nasty fog
With a nasty grip
I feel the tendrils
A chill, a rip
As my heart gets invaded with the fear

A beckoned sun
Rises on its own
I feel the beams
A light, a warmth
Rising up like a great shield

Warming heat
Brightening light
Birth of life
Death of fright
The flower blooms in majesty

K, Duane Carter 5-12-11 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Reality's Paradox

Reality’s Paradox

Everything I see
Is a vacuous nothing
Compared to One Who I cannot see
One Who causes me to be

All that I feel, all that I know
Is just meaningless drivel
Compared to the Wonder
The Mystery flow

All that really is
We mistakenly see as really not
Everything that brings all to us
We actually know not what

Or Who

Open our eyes

What is not seen is greater
Than what we say we see

K, Duane Carter 4-27-11