Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Call from the Ancients

A Call from the Ancients

I sense Your presence
Like waves of wind
Passions of fragrance
All amongst the generations
The nations, the genders
My father, long passed on
Still looks at me and calls me on
Time to bring the heart to life
Time to bring the heart to life
The drum begins to beat, growing stronger still
The sound of rushing waters, the blood is flowing
A cry rises up in the Spirit
A cry for overcoming on earth
Where the arrows in our quiver are fiery love
The casualties bring on new birth
The horses release a mighty thunder
Lightning guides the way
We bolt and thunder behind the pillar of cloud
We swarm behind the Fire of Day
Never taking our eyes off the Prize
Never, ever taking our eyes off the Prize
For victory is not my yearning hearts goal
It is the Victor Who I want to see

K, Duane Carter 8-26-11

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



The droplets are forming
Condensation from the heavens
Right at the point of final release
That finally brings on the beginning
All things new
Many things few
Until they are one
Just like the molecules
Forming the droplets
There is power in the union
There is momentum in the making
There is movement in the stillness
There is moisture in the dry
There is an answer in the why
There is formation in the sky
I feel it beneath my feet
It’s about to consume the street
Of every tongue and every nation
Of every curve and fenestration
There is a condensation forming
Where no one will be afraid
We will all be covered in love
Look, it’s forming clouds above
No death, no darkness, no childish fray
Will stop, delay, or mar this day
For nothing stops the gravity
Nothing stops the majesty
When the sound, the roar falls to the earth
The drops are forming, a windswept birth

I saw a droplet on the sidewalk…
Now I feel one on my face…

Feels like grace…

K, Duane Carter 8-24-11 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Through the Glass

Through the Glass

I see the jay prancing on the porch
He’s eyeing the suet at the corner
But then
He sees a shadow that is I
Beyond the other side
He waits, fearful, unsure
Pecking with short grasps
One eye on me, one on the prize
Not knowing it was I who put the prize there in the first place
I move
He flitters off
I sit back down
He returns, wary
Suspicious but needy
Wondering if the risk is worth it all

But then

Suddenly I see myself

K, Duane Carter 8-17-11

Monday, August 15, 2011


I walk along a path of stone
Ground by years of wear
I suddenly sense a Greatness near
Yet I know not why or where
I lift my head and see the vastness
The granite, the stones, the trees
I suddenly sense I am surrounded by Love
I stop and I go to my knees
I am completely encircled by Someone beyond
I am completely enamored and awed
I am so mesmerized that I barely can breathe
I just know I must give Him my all
The mountains cry out and speak His name
The trees list silent in the winds
I shrink to the size of a quark of a seed
I hear His voice call me “friend”

I am surrounded

K, Duane Carter 8-15-11

Monday, August 8, 2011



I look out the morning window
The sun taking its time to rise
Orange and amber everywhere
Stillness in the skies
And yet
I see the wind chimes moving, drifting
A pendulum of dancing glass and light
They show a stirring of the wind
They show an ending of the night
And yet
In this box of paint and glass
I feel not a thing, sense only sight
Yet no experience, no heart felt stirring
Only a hunger to know the more, no more night

So I step outside

Wind touches every facet of my skin
My life, my love they begin again
Inside the shadow of the hummingbird does fall
But outside I hear his wings, his call

I breathe in the air
I feel the stirring
I know the sunlight
I hear the whirring

I am truly alive

K, Duane Carter 8-8-11