Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am wondering with all of this techno
When is the last time you simply let go
And actually looked someone in the eye
Actually looked into their soul, not to pry
But to see reality and beauty and meaning?

I am wondering while you are on facebook
Do you ever see the pain in someone’s look
Or happiness for that matter
Or does your heart just pitter and patter
The way that it always does…frozen?

It’s not that I don’t like eBay or Twitter
It’s just that I wish we could all consider
That while our life is on hyper drive
We don’t know the meaning of being alive
And that really concerns me so…


K, Duane Carter 6-29-10

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday Mornings

Ambiguity seems to be the order of the day
Especially from ones who claim to pray
To a Being they have never seen or known

Dishonesty seems to play a part
Particularly in the religious art
Where those who have never seen or heard
Are telling me I am a raucous bird
Because I speak with Him every moment

Distraction seems to be the key
To attempt to allure and bury me
Into a place where there is no reality
There are only rules and regulations

I must have love and I must have real
Forget all about this curb appeal
That doesn’t get the orphan fed
And doesn’t give the hungry bread
It just sits and consumes the sunlight

I sit and I sit here quietly
And God just sits right next to me
And that right there is the meaning of life
And that right there is the ending of strife
So I’m just going to sleep in on Sunday morning
And meet with my family in another way.
My goodness, it is such a beautiful day!

I sit with Wonder, I sit with Love
I rest in the Goodness, I am placed above
I walk through darkness as I am bathed in light
I watch True Love simply blow away fright
And know this is just where I am meant to be

Totally free….

K, Duane Carter 6-19-10

Monday, June 7, 2010



It is quite simple
Water plus sunshine gives rainbow
And right there is the meaning
The meaning of life itself

It is just that simple

K, Duane Carter   6-5-10

Wednesday, June 2, 2010




There is so much more beauty in a flower
Than one can gain in half an hour
There is so much more beauty to pursue
That is a deeper but mere reflection of you
We long to live, we long to gasp
At wonder that lies beyond our grasp
Yet there it is within our reach
All we can gain is all we beseech
Into the depths of wonder we go
We rise in ebb and sink in flow
We love in hate and are weak in power
Oh, there is so much more beauty in this flower

K, Duane Carter   5-31-10