Saturday, July 2, 2011

Folding Laundry

Folding Laundry

such an endless eternity
seeming to go on and on and on
more coming in than going out
turning your heart into a Dead Sea
let your heart connect with Life
let your being connect with a River
and all of a sudden
every towel you fold
every wash cloth you put away
releases color, light, and wonder
it is an act of worship
it releases a fragrance of love into the home
it causes the angels to fly and roam
into your spirit, soul, and life
it puts a veil of the miraculous on all who live there
and even those who don't
suddenly you are an ambassador of the King
releasing heaven into earth
Life then sings, "Come up higher"

Welcome to the delight of folding laundry
it is the place of your promotion
a simple choice to avoid emotion
living out of a greater place
You iron a shirt
And there you see God's face

Isn't it great?

K, Duane Carter 7-2-11

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