Wednesday, February 14, 2018



Your love brings music to my soul
  Passion to my doldrums 
  Peace to my chaos
  Serenity to my wind tossed seas
  So in gratefulness to my knees 
  I bow
  And ask you to marry me 
   all over again
   Again and again
   And again and again 
   To call you my wife, my lover, my friend
   Is the most beautiful sound that I know
Within these tunes and tones our love does grow 
Into the hum of the mighty mountains
What anyone could ever hope or wish for

That is what this gift means to me
So that is why I give it to you
To hear the sounds of our love travel across the lands
Across the seas
Into our gardens
Amongst our trees

I am forever home with you

Friday, February 9, 2018



I have stayed in my place
Rooted into the deep cool earth
Surrounded by design and purpose
Yet my branches were barren and cold
I felt I might be getting too old
And shivered at the thought of the end

But then the daylight grew longer
The chill of the night began to waver

I felt a stirring amongst the stillness of the snows
Despite the dark and the cold, my hope still grows

Then one morning it simply happened
Greenery, life began to appear
Rushing over my former barrenness like delicate waterfalls
An abundance
An overflowing of beauty and elegance and grace

I once again can lift my face
To see the wonders of the coming sun

I have emerged

And won.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018



I don’t like it when creativity will not come
I sit here staring at a screen
Having thousands of things to say
That all seem to mean nothing at all
I think too much
I wonder what difference will it all make
Unfortunately it seems the answer is always the same


But can that be true?
Can a pebble be thrown into the sea
And not a ripple be made?
Can a butterfly flap it’s wings
And it not be felt far, far away?
Or is that even what I am here for anyway
To make some sort of major upheaval
Maybe I am a daffodil
I come forth quietly on the waves of warm sun
I spring forth for a time
I show forth beauty
I cause someone I don’t even know to smile

I’ve fulfilled my worthwhile

Then I go back into the earth to replenish the next

I have touched

I am a part

Of Eternity


Sunday, January 28, 2018


There are days I want to quit my poetry
Then I have to ask the question “why?”
It seems no one really reads it much
No one really cares
It seems if there’s no wild video attached
Nothing that catches stares
Then it is to be avoided, discarded

We can’t be wasting time with things that don’t waste our time

I must ask the question “Why?” again
But this time for why I write to begin


See, I get to play with words
I get to express my joys
Wrestle with concerns
I guess it really doesn’t matter if it’s read or not
Though it would be nice to see who’s in the same lot 

As I 

I sit here and release a sigh
That seems to come from a deeper place
I wonder if my soul, my face
Will ever find what it’s meant to be looking for
A random line, a menial chore
All these things seem to break into the existence
A copied lung, a bleak resistance
I go dwelling in worlds I know nothing about
Places where quiet, not screams or shouts
Tend to draw the most attention

Do you ever sense the power of tension?

I surely do. Every day.
It seems to be the life, the way
Of living life like there is no tomorrow

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Empty Train

Empty Train
I was sitting in the park today
Reading a good book
Watching my young children play
I heard the sound of the approaching train
Off in the distance
Beyond the river

The train came by
Crossing the river on the great, high bridge
Making quite the commotion
Stopping the traffic
Turning heads
No longer reading, I felt a notion

Then I noticed something

The engines were pulling nothing
Nothing but empty cars
No goods
No solutions
Nothing, nothing at all
Just empty car after empty car
Disrupting the placidity of the afternoon

At first I thought
“What a waste,
What a waste of time, of resources
What a waste to haul nothing around at all.
All this nothing cacophony disturbing our thrall.”

But then I thought, “What if they are returning the emptiness
To the place where it can be filled again?”
What if wisdom, our eternal friend,
Is trying to teach me to see things in a whole new way?
What if wisdom is trying to say
“Don’t assume all of this emptiness is a waste”?

Sometimes I have to give up the less I’m holding onto
In order to grasp the more
Sometimes I have to carry my emptiness
To a place where I can be filled again, implore
I must cross the rivers, traverse the mountains
Find someone with whom I can be a friend
Make plenty of noise for all to know

My emptiness is there for fulness to flow

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Turn Aside (again)

In a year where I am convinced a major theme for me is “Rest and Restoration” I have had some crazy, crazy days. So much so I haven’t written much at all. So the other day I am heading in for another busy day, and….well…I’ll let the poem tell you the rest.

Turn Aside
I was simply marching this morning
Marching as I always do
Day after day
An obedient servant to the power of the clock
Time marches on, so must I
So must I in this eye for an eye world

But then

I looked to the right
It was the sunlight
I hadn’t seen it for days
The yellow-orange clouds and haze
Diffused the light into my very soul
I felt it enter in
And beckon me to turn aside

I paused, just for a moment
The green, wet grass was the forbidden path
The concrete pointed my appointed way
But I decided to do something very different this day

I turned aside

I walked a short way
The closer I came to the mountains distant
The brighter the sunlight became
I came to the place where I could no longer go
Knowing now the day would no longer be the same

I just stood there
Sunlight peaking over Mount Lassen
Mists spreading through the valley
There was such a beauty there it could not be denied
there was a magic released when I turned aside

As I stood there I felt I must take a photo
I took it
But it did not do the scene justice
One could not feel the invigorating air
One could not hear the birds song rising
One could not sense the peace of compromising
All that I knew to be right for this beauty

I finally had to go my way
I wished in this moment I could longer stay
But the sun was rising
The light hurting my eyes
I was glad to observe the colors of skies

That I would never have noticed 
Without turning aside

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Eighteen Theme

I hadn't written any poetry yet for 2018, but today it simply began to flow and I just went with it. I think the theme of 2018 is going to be rest and restoration, and what brings that about is beauty and joy and delight. So, I hope that this piece will get your year started off in a great direction, and may you know all that is good in this upcoming year. :)

Eighteen Theme

I have felt a call from the ancients
To come and see where I came from
To join in and listen to the songs, the prayers
The sayings, the wisdom
Things that were thought long-forgotten
But, no, 
They still live deeply within our very souls

I hear the bass tones, stirring
My heart cries out, “Go there, go there now!”
Of course all the science behind my brow
Just rolls its eyes in a slumber
A slumber induced by the intoxicating opiate
Of pride in the midst of ignorance

I have long since began walking toward the sound
I have just started to place my bare feet upon the ground
So that I can feel the touch of the earth,
The Sea
The Stone
Many would say all I do is roam
But there is a roaming with a purpose

To know what is sheer delight

It’s been a while since I’ve been out at night
Not to take in more of the same
But to look to the skies
To hear my name
Whispered through the eons of time

I can’t hear that unless I listen
I can’t see it unless I look
The sounds of the Merced river, brook
Still bring serenity to my aging ears
I put on peace and take off fears
So I can continue on the journey

I don’t want my life to be lived on a gurney
Being pushed and pulled 
Torn and worn
I want to live it on my bare feet
I might not get there very fast
I might not get there at all
But I will have seen the shades of fall
Turn my heart into an amber orange

Living in the colors is what really matters to me
And to live in the colors 
I have to see with my ears
Hear with my eyes
Be always expecting the gift of surprise
Be always expecting the gift of delight

Be always expecting the night and the light