Sunday, January 7, 2018

Eighteen Theme

I hadn't written any poetry yet for 2018, but today it simply began to flow and I just went with it. I think the theme of 2018 is going to be rest and restoration, and what brings that about is beauty and joy and delight. So, I hope that this piece will get your year started off in a great direction, and may you know all that is good in this upcoming year. :)

Eighteen Theme

I have felt a call from the ancients
To come and see where I came from
To join in and listen to the songs, the prayers
The sayings, the wisdom
Things that were thought long-forgotten
But, no, 
They still live deeply within our very souls

I hear the bass tones, stirring
My heart cries out, “Go there, go there now!”
Of course all the science behind my brow
Just rolls its eyes in a slumber
A slumber induced by the intoxicating opiate
Of pride in the midst of ignorance

I have long since began walking toward the sound
I have just started to place my bare feet upon the ground
So that I can feel the touch of the earth,
The Sea
The Stone
Many would say all I do is roam
But there is a roaming with a purpose

To know what is sheer delight

It’s been a while since I’ve been out at night
Not to take in more of the same
But to look to the skies
To hear my name
Whispered through the eons of time

I can’t hear that unless I listen
I can’t see it unless I look
The sounds of the Merced river, brook
Still bring serenity to my aging ears
I put on peace and take off fears
So I can continue on the journey

I don’t want my life to be lived on a gurney
Being pushed and pulled 
Torn and worn
I want to live it on my bare feet
I might not get there very fast
I might not get there at all
But I will have seen the shades of fall
Turn my heart into an amber orange

Living in the colors is what really matters to me
And to live in the colors 
I have to see with my ears
Hear with my eyes
Be always expecting the gift of surprise
Be always expecting the gift of delight

Be always expecting the night and the light

Saturday, December 30, 2017

In the Sunshine

In the Sunshine

I love life
I love the green in it
I love the peace in it
The quiet
The turmoil 
The dust 

I love renewal 
But it takes a death
A turning
A burial 
A yearning 

A burning
In a fire that never sleeps 

I love geometry 
The lines
The angles
The curves and libations 
Smiles and sadness
Profound rotations
Along a symmetry that never ends

I hear the sirens
They bring me back to an earthen space
I feel the longing pains for grace
That overcomes all my lack of reasons
I feel the air, I sense the seasons 
Are forever returning to the grand delights

No longer night

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Don’t assume that everyone is as unfulfilled as you are
Don’t think that normal is your own
Don’t believe that every wish upon a star
Or every seed that’s sown
Becomes the thing you saw it to be
Sometimes it’s more
Sometimes it’s naught
Sometimes a drought
Sometimes a draught 

However things turn out to be
It matters how much it’s watered
It matters how much there’s light
It matters when it doesn’t make a difference
It matters when it’s day or when it’s night

Through all the patterns of the daylight
There is always a weaving and a rhythm
That is well beyond what we see, what we know
There is always a vapor in the starlight
There is always a purity to the snow
We often have to rest to feel it
We often have to still ourselves to perceive
We often have to keep climbing up the mountains
Deeply inhaling the air we receive

Either as if it is not quite enough
Or as if we must keep gasping for more

There’s a subtlety in the difference
I don’t quite know exactly what it means
I simply know in the act of the motion
I begin to see the mysteries of the unseen

In the stillness, in the motion
In the rivers, in the oceans
There are so many questions in life
Yet in them all there lies the signs to the Answer
When we choose to join stillness, not strife

So let’s meander

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Parable

The Parable

In just a matter of moments 
The sunlight ascended right up the mountain 
It was nothing at all
It took no time at all
There’s a lesson in there 
For me and for you
In those things that seem impossible to do 
The light has already been there
To create an incredible view

Time to enjoy it....

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Unknown

The Unknown
I stand ready for battle
Staring at the blank screen before me
My mouth agape
Ready to fire forth the arrows galore
Yet all I see is rain and mist and haze
I don’t feel or know the Gatekeepers gaze
So all I know is quiet and dust
Where do I find the Guardian’s trust
So that I may enter the fields of renown?
My head has been shaped for a victor’s crown
My feet have been shaped for the journey
My mind has been formed by the years and years
Of competing in the tourney
Yet no prize will I ever know that way
I will know no prize living in this fear, this mist
This life that knows no pain, no bliss
Just the abandoned memories of Costco and Sam’s Club
I go buying up all their pizzas
Is that the way I’m to be known?
Is that the battle guard I’ve always flown?
No, I don’t think so, not at all.
I suddenly hear a clarion call 
off in the distance
It’s a voice so distinctive in its strength
Yet universally renowned in all its gentleness
Was that Love I heard?
Before I can say one single, solitary word
My heart has leapt out before me
Now I must go chasing it down
Down into the Keeper’s Fields
The place where everything in my being yields 
To the ways and the means of Love who resides there
I hear the lions, I hear the bears
My mind is literally tearing asunder
But my heart charges full speed toward the wonder
The wonder we all call “the unknown.”

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Listening to the Wind

Listening to the Wind
Sometimes it’s best just to sit here listening
The sound of the Spirit moving in the silence
Anticipation in the air
The samplings of a gourmet chef
With all the smells and whistles
None of the thorns and thistles
But a balancing nonetheless
I break from far-off weary dreams
To embrace this quiet lull that seems
As nothingness is the norm
Yet the violent wind of storm
Awakes me to the difference
I listen, calmer, deeper still
While the windowpane is shaking
I carry on to the throne of God
Where everything is breaking
Where everyone has entered dance
Where no friend is forsaking
It is the best world of them all
For no fright is resting there
It is the greatest world of all
Only love is resting here
I am awakened to the difference
There is no end it seems
To this place of living, immortal dreams
Where colors are tasted
Great is delight
Where sights are mere wonders
Never is night
Except where sons do not shine
Once again, I am awakened to the difference

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Into the Depths

Into the Depths
I have dived into an ocean
Now I realize I’ve gone so deep
I don’t know where I am
The only thing I thought I could do to save myself
Is see where the light is coming from
Then simply return to the surface
But now, where I am, there is light coming from all directions
I now have no idea which way I’m supposed to go
But I presume that wherever I go
there will be nothing but goodness
In whichever way I choose