Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Rushing

The Rushing

Let’s just sit here and stare at the screen, shall we?
Let’s just sit here and stare
Thinking nothing, going nowhere
Life seems to be nothing
But a series of distracting interruptions
Destroying any sense of creativity
A giant ocean trapped by a dam of crumbling earth

How ridiculous is that?

Maybe that is the biggest frustration
Something infinite and grand
Seems powerless against a barren land

But all our great stories tell us otherwise
Often it isn’t what we see with our eyes

Often it is what we know with our hearts
Where beauty resides

Often there is the place of great freedom
The place of the unseen
Eternal hues of blues and greens

I can hear the rushing of the waters…


Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Just be yourself
Think for yourself
Don’t be an amalgamation of many people 

But aren’t we all an amalgamation?
Our DNA is the very display
Of thousands of others
But where did that all begin

It is there we find our answers 
Of who we really are 
Made from dust of sun and star
Or just a random lottery win
Where did all of this beauty begin again 
And where did it all go wrong
I could hide myself among a song
Or I could step out in the open
Knowing the sunlight will reveal it all


Sunday, December 30, 2018



I want to go somewhere
Exotic, beautiful, wondrous
But the problem is I would have to go
Travel, drive, fly
Hours of monotony
Mounds of money


Isn’t this the modern dilemma?
You are told life is all about an adventure
But there is a price to be paid
So I get to choose to be a nothing
Or a somebody who is exhausted and broke
Discovering that all of these travels 
Aren’t always what they are made to be
If I don’t change what is really going on


I have to go beyond this time
Touch eternity
Eternity traveling in me
All these things take peace to see
Peace to hear

To know

This is where I want to go


Saturday, December 22, 2018



Listless, wandering ship
Deep and darkened ocean
Infinite in its mystery
Forever in its awe
Sails limp and ineffective
Outside of the trade winds
I am nothing but a drifter

I cry out for help within
I hear nothing but the swells
The call of the depths
For just one more soul to devour

I hear a shuffle behind me
It is the half-blind, half-crippled deck hand
Beginning his daily routine
I don’t have to look to see him
I can smell his terrible odor
And I grow angry that he is there
Interrupting my thoughts and prayer

I long to see the eyes of God
To know some way out of this disaster
I hear nothing but the swells
The call of the depths 
For just one more life to devour

The deck hand begins to scour
Begins to scrub
The endless stain of salt and crumb
Off of the heart of the boat
I turn and look
He is peaceful, content
No sign of dour, no harsh intent
No complaining
No, he’s humming an old sailor’s song

“You there, sir” I call out to him.
He raises his face to me. 
One eye completely white 
A past trauma no doubt
The other a blue-green just like the sea

He answers not a word
He only looks directly into me

Just like the sea

“How can you go on like this?” I ask
“How can you go on in this vain repetition
Humming along, singing a song,
All the while we drift into nowhere?”

He continued looking into me

At this point I’m feeling quite ashamed
I don’t even know why
There’s something about those dichotomous eyes
That brings the entire universe into order

Finally he speaks

“I simply live in the now
Where I plant, where I plow
Is simply where I am
I trust the winds will guide me there
Though we cannot see the air
We know that it exists
Now…see the rustling in your hair…”

Twas true
As we talked there was a gull that flew
There was a presence of the breezes

The sails began to flicker but I wasn’t sure of what to do

I looked inquisitively at the deck hand again

“It’s ok, my son, it’s ok. The captain will make all things new.”

I then began to see
The answer to my prayer for God’s eyes to see
Was looking right into me
Was kneeling on the deck
Washing the crusts away

My ship was on its way.


Monday, December 17, 2018


I could spend the rest of my life feeding this monster
For when I starve it, it doesn’t go away
So either way I seem to be a perpetual roommate
To something that is destructive to me
Right in the midst of making history
Right in the midst of a changing tide I decide
To go back into the darkened waters again
Another swim
in the ice bath of indecision and doubt
Then a rout of the accusations begin
So another swim
I just keep going deeper and deeper

The sounds of happiness are outside in the back yard
Children running and playing
Speaking of things completely insensible
Yet of reality all the same
They are not naive nor are they ignorant
They are simply more aware
Of the life that is flowing through their hearts

The sounds of the music grow stronger
The chords bring meaning and wonder to me
They progress towards the oceans of deeper
Where light is in the depths of the sea
It was the laughter that made all the difference
It was the joy in the running that came
It was the smiles of playing innocent children
That brought me right out of mundane

K, Duane Carter 9/26/13

Sunday, December 16, 2018


The light of color is so bright
It is almost easier to look at the death
It’s almost easier to look away
Than to stare at the beauty of brightness

What is the origin of this frightened mess
Which ignores what is right before our eyes
Why would we rather seek the dirt
Than know the life

Yet there is hope

Even in the darkened shadows
New life is appearing
See, you really have no need to rid the world of darkness
You simply need to shine your light

It is always beautiful


I wrote this after finishing the book "Daring Greatly" by Brene' Brown.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


I typically write free verse poetry. I can write the classical styles of poetry, but I’ve just always enjoyed a more free style of writing. Today, though, I had a song going through my head. It was Bruce Springsteen’s “Philadelphia.” I’ve always loved this song, and my favorite part of it is the captivating and haunting tune and rhythm of it. So as I had it going through my head, I had some lyrics come to me and I thought, “What the heck. Let’s write a song.” So here is “Stay” and it goes along (mostly) with the tune of “Philadelphia.” 

If anyone out there has some good tunes that need lyrics, let me know. Once I have a tune in my head, I can make the lyrics fit. Who knows? Maybe we’ll win a Grammy some day…


I wake up to the sunset
The day was dead and gone
I thought about the hills
That used to be my steadfast home
As the daylight of my eyes 
Slowly slipped away
I thought about the future
Thought about yesterday

But couldn’t stay in this moment
Couldn’t stay in this moment where I am me
Couldn’t stay in this moment
Couldn’t stay in the place where I am free

The darkness seems to tumble
Through the bright and golden fields
It seems to overtake everything in its wheels
I know I cannot dwell in this place
This place that isn’t home
So I gather up my children, prepare to roam

Can’t stay in this moment
Can’t stay in the moment where I cannot see
Can’t stay in this moment
Can’t stay in this place where I’m not free

Don’t know where this road is going to take me
But I know I share it with you
Don’t know where this road is going to take me
But I know that here with you, here everything’s new

I sense the shadows falling, the coming of the rain
I can feel the cold and listlessness of the autumn rains
I stare into the doorway, looking for the shore
But all I see is sunlight and nothing more

I’ve gotta stay in this moment
I’ve gotta stay where I am me
I’ve gotta stay in this moment
I’m going to stay where I am free

Going to stay in this moment
Going to stay in this moment

Going to stay