Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Keepin' it short and sweet today. Happy Fourth!


It must be nice to be a bird
Always able to change your perspective 
Always able to fly over obstacles
Always seeing from above 

Like love

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Against the Currents

Against the Currents

I have never felt so much like a salmon
As I do right now
I realize I am always going against the current
I am feeling the strain
Always, always feeling the strain
I am closer to the end
Wondering just what is the purpose of this journey
Is it to be eaten alive?
Caught by some vicious hook?
Get to the end, find the prize and die
Is that the final chapter of this book?

No, I don’t think that is the parable at all

It might just be that as I swim or as I crawl
I am living for those that will live beyond me
My DNA will taste the future

But what does that matter?
Does that matter if and when I am completely forgotten?
Maybe that is why fame is such a sought-for treasure
This idea that I won’t be forgotten
Weighs heavy on the soul
It surely is not meant that we roll
On a coaster ride of daily inconveniences
Simply to stand in line all over again

I honestly seek a voice, a friend
One that can help me charter these waters
One who knows that sons and daughters
Do mean everything to everyone
One who knows the moon, the sun
Who doesn’t wince at light nor darkness
But simply shares the smile of acceptance
In the beaming twilight of the day

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Writer's Block

Writer’s Block

I haven’t written

Sometimes creativity sits
Like a dark black molded growth
Against the side of a dead tree stump

But even that tumor is alive
Even that blotch of ignorance
Is living

I don’t know if I want to share such things with the world
I’m not sure we’re meant to handle the recycling
The remolding
The renewing of everything

But then again maybe we are

And though my creation might not be bright as the star
It is still a creation and holds life

Right in the midst of all this death

I have written


Dedicated to all caught in the midst of the struggle between life and death...

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Guardians

The Guardians
The guardians tower above
They’ve stood here for millennia
Silence, stillness, stalwart
The oceans have smacked persistent
Never stopping, never wavering
Yet still they stand their ground
Keeping watch, their beauty abounds
Keeping watch with their peaks in the mists

I’m not quite sure I’ve known such bliss
As being in the shadows of the champions


Sunday, May 27, 2018



It is nearly impossible 
For a poet to walk by a flower
And not be captivated 
Captured by beauty
To pause for a moment 
Or for maybe almost an hour
This brevity tends to be the normal for me

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Beginning Anew

Beginning Anew

It’s frightening beginning all over again
But necessary
Often every day
Often every few minutes
I have to start again
Humbly change course to the new
I wish that steady courses were all too true
But alas they are not

Only change is the Rorschach’s blot
That determines whether I dwell inside of sanity
That determines whether I live amongst the ashes of the past
Or the ephemeral mists of the future
Or am I present in the present?
I feel a great and growing dissent
Amongst the souls of my spirit, its armies
Are ready to rise and see what all is good
They are ready to see what all is happiness
Death has reigned for far too long
Death in the form of rules so rigid
That they snap at the slightest breath
Life always seems to erupt through the bricks
The bricks and the concrete cannot hold it back
Life is always placing roots deeper and deeper
Steeper and steeper is it’s climb toward the sun
All I know is that the pursuit of fun
Is leading me toward the meadows
I hear the rivers running toward them as well
I think it’s time to break this shell of a mask that covers my face
I dwell in lonely, in sharp disgrace
no more


Sunday, April 29, 2018


The Questions 
Maybe this is my refusal to leave the tent
Maybe I’m just done
Maybe I simply have no clue 
What is always going on 
Though I have nothing left
Or so it merely seems 
I still sit here amongst the place
Of all my dead and dying dreams

So what now?

What now?

What is to become of all this waiting?
What is the purpose of all this carbon dating ?
What water will I drink from these ancient wells
While the ocean that dwells within me has no wave nor swell?

The questions ripple through the waters
Yet they seem to never return 
I believe they have not struck the cliffs
The mammoth rocks I’ve heard of but I have yet to see 

The things I know are real 
Are the things I never see

Maybe it’s time to follow the questions 
They are like the homing pigeons 
Always knowing where the answers live
The place my heart simply knows as home

Time to roam

With a purpose 

I feel the call within 

To follow 

Yet where is the way?
Where did that ripple go?
That’s ok, I’ll just ask another question 
Because there’s everything that I do not know