Saturday, September 10, 2011



I feel like this
I have been created to shine
Yet my wings are still folded
I quietly rest sublime
My head bowed slightly
But my eyes open
Though they are still covered up
By His hand
He readies me to see His face
He roots me in the land
Green surrounds me
It brings in nourishing light
Just when no one is watching
Just in the midst of the night
I will burst forth
Because I will have seen His glory
Life will come
It will never end
I will be more than servant or friend
I will be son and bride
With nothing to hide
Nothing to hide at all
Even if I’m forever hidden

K, Duane Carter


  1. He gives life. Important to understand every day, and especially this day.

  2. Thanks Glynn and Ms. Etole for reading :)

  3. I liked the style and the whole poem was very beautiful. A pleasure to be here!

    Take care

  4. Thanks Marinela. Glad to have you here :)