Monday, May 23, 2011



Can you hear the roar?
Or better yet can you feel it?
Can you feel the thunder of His paws treading the earth,
Can you sense the wonder of the coming birth,
Can you smell the breath of life?
Can you feel the tremble of the groan,
As earth welcomes the Lion as its own,
The One Who made it and has come to reclaim?

I feel the tremors within my soul
My spirit charged with the power of the roll
Of thunder and lightning and color and light
I hear the darkness now it screeches in fright
And soon they will all be a vapor
They will all just be a vapor
No cancer, no autism, no poverty, no death
I can smell the release of the Lion’s breath
And it smells just like the rose, red in its depth
But brilliantly white, brilliantly light

Release Your roar O Lion of Judah
Release Your roar into this night
Release Your roar O Lion of Judah
Release Your roar into our darkest of nights
And we will watch Your glory rise
We will watch the bluest skies
Come forth like a bride in her beauty
Radiant and beaming and whole
Healed in body, spirit, and soul
Clamoring, pursuing the love of her life
Crushing darkness, crushing strife
Under the delicate feet of peace and love
Release Your roar into below and above

For the time has come to make merry
For the time has come to feast
On all the wonders of Father’s goodness
From the greatest to the least
We all come hungry for Your Love

I hear the Thunder

K, Duane Carter    5-4-10


  1. This reads like an OT psalm. We hear the thunder, too.

  2. Thanks Glynn! I'm feeling that thunder even now.... :)