Thursday, July 28, 2011

God's Country

God’s Country

I have come into the land of God
I am closer than I have ever been
Yet I have never been further away
It isn’t that my heart has strayed
Rather I am steeped in an aloneness
I’ve never had this before
This pressure that molds and forms
It makes and shapes and recreates
Something I could never have dreamed or imagined
I sense Him coming after me
With a passion that could only compare to a fiery wind
A heat, a power so massive that no one and no thing can stop it
Yet I fell nothing, see nothing, hear nothing
Knowing all the while it is right there behind me
Waiting to surprise me with such an abrupt suddenness
That my rocky heart must crack and bleed
A new one will take its place
Then the stagnant will erase
I have come into the land of God
I simply wait
I simply walk on
To the way where He’s already been

K, Duane Carter 7-28-11


  1. "To the way where He's already been." That pretty well sums it all up. Nice one, Duane.

  2. Thanks so much Glynn and Nikki!! God's best to you both!

  3. Hey! I have one titled gods country as well! Not nearly as impressive as this beautiful write, but closely related :)

  4. I tried to find your poem on your site, but I guess I wasn't looking hard enough. Where is it? What's the date on it? I would love to read it. Judging by the excellence of your site, I bet your version was excellent also :).