Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Hallway

The Hallway

I didn’t make it to the place I thought I would
What seemed like a simple journey forward
Has ended with me here
Staring at the floor
No one else to get me to the destination
Impediments and hesitations
Have left me here in this place
The place where no one sees my face
And I can’t see the Beauty right beside of me
The dust and dim have hidden him
The silence just keeps calling me friend
Yet my right hand is still on the wheel
My direction is still toward the goal surreal
I sense a helper coming from way beyond
A fuzzy figurine, the green, the frond
The changing autumn leaves are not a sign of impending winter
They are a sign that death will splinter
I will make it to my home
I will make it to where my heart can roam
Though my body stays in this silence
I will make it…
I will make it…
My right hand still rests on this turning wheel

K, Duane Carter 4-24-11

Image by Greg Laychak.  Written for Photo Challenge.


  1. Hey brother - this is really good stuff! I want to go where my heart can roam too. I can tell your words are written with real battle scars. Thanks for sharing your heart. Blessings

  2. Thanks Kevin! I think we all have some battle scars :) And I pray that the Father will lead you into that place of freedom you desire. Thanks for the encouragement and God's best to you!!