Thursday, March 19, 2009



I see the shadows shifting
Moving across my window pane
The dancing of light in moving motion
It travels down the lane
The moving speaks of time and times
That sing and dance all around
Just what you think is moving up
Is really coming down
As His goodness showers us all

I cannot see You, I cannot see You
Yet I see You move in what You do
The swaying branches, the rustling leaves
The golden harvest in browning sheaves
The movements, the motions, the sounds, the dance
They level and flatten all mere circumstance
I see You, I see You in all that You do
I see You, I see You making all of me new

The power of droplet, and the cleansing of wave
Universal solvent meets the passion of love
That washes over and over and over again
It cleanses what will be, it cleanses what has been
Even cleansing what is and what is now
Though I know it with my brow
I still cannot comprehend, no, I still cannot comprehend
But I drink it in.

I drink it in

K. Duane Carter

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cage of Lights

Cage of Lights

I am sitting in a cage of lights
Yet pretending I am unseen
Looking out at those looking in
And wondering what it means
I sit here in my sleeping dreams
Releasing all of my doubt
I wonder when the Sun will rise
And cast the darkness out
I am sitting in the silent noise
That speaks but doesn’t say
I am wandering as a little boy
Just wondering how to pray
I live in a land of wonder here
And when I open up my eyes
I hear the sunlight coming through
My heart is mesmerized

I am free

K. Duane Carter


Friday, March 13, 2009

The Mystery in a Rose


there is something fascinating about the rose
that not even quantum physics can quite explain
though it seems to be getting closer and closer
just like we could be doing
if we would simply allow ourselves to see what is real
instead of seeing with our eyes

there is a mystery here in the subtle depths
there are patterns and contrasts that point to God
there is a picture of a never-ending promise of love
that continues to unfold and unfold and unfold and unfold
just like the string theory

there is something fascinating about the rose
that not even quantum physics can quite explain
yet we get closer and closer and closer
rather He gets closer and closer and closer
so we can see what is Real
instead of what we see with our eyes

K. Duane Carter


Color of Light

Color of Light
I see color now in mixed array
I see light now joining in the fray
I see goodness flowing in it all
I see darkness falling in a glorious fall
I see mercy flowing over me
I see grace now rising from a tree
I see green and yellow and red and blue
I see light and know that I’m seeing You
I see roses and daisies and flowers of spring
I see beauty and stillness and in You everything
I see lilies and buttercups and flowers of spring
I see beauty and stillness and in You everything

K. Duane Carter

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Picture of God

I see God in this picture
First in its mystery that some would say
This isn’t in focus, the camera did sway
But no, it did not, there was simply delay

And the lens captured God in the moment

We see Him through glass and darkly at that
But He is here, He is here and today as I sat
And I saw Him my heart did leap up with glee
Because He had chosen to give His picture to me

I see Him in rock, I see Him in water
I see Him in light and all other matter
I see Him in the flowing, I see Him in the still
I see Him amongst us in the wonder of will
I see Him in the contrasts of shadows and light
I see Him in the depths and in the midst of my sight

As I ponder this picture I could go on and on
But I will give you time to see Him
And to sing your own song

K. Duane Carter