Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Battle

The Battle
Sometimes I just sit and ponder
and wonder
At the great, great beauty of the world,
Versus the great, great evil
At first I thought all the evil was found
where people were 
I was right
However, then I realized
Some of the greatest beauty was found 
Where people were, where the people are
So people aren’t the problem
It points to a deeper source
A source hidden and dark and slithering
The tension of it all
Beautiful wonder there to cause me to erupt in wondrous joy
While at the same time the heartbreak of darkness leads me to put a gun to my head
Pulling the trigger
Scattering all those visions of grisly horror and tumult away
That wouldn’t do a damn thing
The evil would still exist
And there would be one less soldier to fight it
I fight a battle that is part of a great war
The war has been won already
Yet there are up-risers on the loose
I stray away from the meaning of this day
To see the extremes of great beauty and great horror
All existing on this same planet
Which one will overcome?
Isn’t it amazing…

It is up to you and to me to decide

*Image is not mine, but was obtained from Google Images

Friday, July 21, 2017


I haven’t written in quite some time
In prose or poetry or broken rhyme
I’ve simply walked along the pathways
Living life, watching days
Drifting along as the ancient sails
Their ancient groans and cries and wails
Still circle this blue globed earth
Still fill the seas with joy and mirth
As they are accompanied by the sailors’ songs
This rambunctious evening, this darkness long
Has held the silence my mind is craving
No other thing has been more enslaving
Than this debacle going through my mind
This devils’ treatise, this going blind
Through the never ending ways of busyness
Through the never ending void of soft caress
I have succeeded in what is seen, I have not in the sublime
So before I leave this meandering rhyme
I am determined to know my life’s source
Whether lion, ostrich, lamb, or horse
I am determined to know the difference 

That simply being me can be

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


It’s quiet here
But life is noisy
The real world is full of noise and chaos
So why do I like the silence so much?
What is it here that makes me feel alive?
Out there in the bustle I am a loner, a misfit
The flashing screens make my brain repulse 
The noise, the empty conversations
The things that fill the every day that really don’t matter at all
The things that in the future will be dust
I just
Cannot live like that at all
I cannot also judge those that do
It is not up to me what is up to you
But I simply cannot join in the great milieu
Of sport and cars and hotel stays
So I put on my hiking boots once more
I pick up my camera and amongst shouts of “bore!”
I walk up to the mountains
I seek my place where God and I 
Can have a conversation
Where I can actually hear what he has to say
Often there are no words to pray
There is simply the majesty of the snow-capped mountains
To remind me I am small
Yet I am also very, very great

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Can I walk with a pen?
Can I take steps along paths unknown
Along the ways of wisdom known for ages?
To see what has yet to be seen
To hear what has yet to be heard
Words that have always been spoken
Do I have eyes to see, ears to hear?
Do I have a heart that yearns to endear
Or am I even supposed to worry about myself?
Maybe I should just take the steps
Put the pen to the paper
Walk the walk, talk the talk
Holding on to all things eternity
Breathing in all things eternal
I lift up my simple life, a kernel
And die.

The first step is taken

Now I await for life to awaken
Despite the dark and the lingering doubt
The birds are singing in the branches

Monday, July 3, 2017

Mountain Journey

Mountain Journey
I have seen the vast mountain ranges
Covered in snow
Here I stand
A gnat amongst the Milky Way
Yet they beckon
These rising behemoths beckon
To come and see what dwells inside
See it is not just the visible beauty
There to be discovered
There is the more magnificent deep within
Waiting to be uncovered
Here, this place, is where life’s meanings are found
This place, here, is where true life resounds
I take a step
My feet sink into the snow
This process might be cold and slow
But I must take my place among the mountain tops