Monday, June 13, 2011

Crimson Curtains

Crimson Curtains

Crimson curtains drawn down
Closing out the closing scenes
Longing for the hope, the dreams
I wonder what tomorrow holds
Beyond the veil
I wonder if I will fly or sail
Or walk or run or stroll or crawl
Will I make a bridge?
Or will I build a wall?
Whatever it is
Whatever I become
It is covered in mystery, in love
With little glimpses of moonlight
Silver slivers slipping through
All things covered, all things new
All things wonderful, all things true

I’m just dancing in the flowers of the cloaking
Within the promise of the moon I’m soaking
There must be a greater source of the light
I fly by day and swing by night

Simply looking for the breezes

K, Duane Carter 6-8-11

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