Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Day After the Best Day

The Day After the Best Day
It’s funny how I want certain days to linger
Almost drowning in all of the goodness
Exhausted from the fun
Yet, a night of sleeping later
I awake to a sense that all of that is now a memory
There is stillness in the now
Unknowing in the future
I reach back to see what’s left from yesterday
And find much treasure there
Yet I know I cannot dwell there
Missing the treasure of today
The hope of tomorrow
I find that gratefulness keeps the memories whole
Fresh amongst the newly blooming flowers
Gratefulness keeps me right where I need to be
In the center of all of God’s goodness
So I take this moment in the right here and right now
I thank You for bringing me here
Everything has turned out for good
Just like You said it would

I am so thankful

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Throne

The Throne
You know
I could drone on like the typical sad poet
But then I thought, “today
I don’t have to do that at all”
Yes there is darkness, evil, and ugliness
But there is also light, good, and beauty

I get to choose which one to focus on

Even in the midst of the chaos
I can settle right into the midst of the order
Even in the midst of death
I can choose to continue to live
And love

For that might just be the key

To love in the midst of everything
Might just be the source of all freedom
The source of all light, all good, all beauty

So I want to rest there
I want to run there
I want to sleep there
I want to dwell there

The place where I choose love over all other things

Might just be the most powerful place in the universe

Saturday, August 19, 2017


T=mg + ma
These paradoxes are killing this Western man
I’m told that giving up is the way to life
Then giving up is the way to shame
I’m told that rest brings me to peaceful healing
Yet I rest and become more lame
I’m not saying the truth is a lie
But what I am saying is that life seems immutably impossible
And I’m not really sure what I should do
The scientists attribute the darkness to biology
The preachers attribute the biology to darkness
In a culture of “I must know everything”
I think we know nothing, nothing at all
Suddenly I find this earth I’ve been anchored to
Is floating aimlessly in space
Possibly not aimlessly
Possibly toward a great destruction
Possibly toward miraculous life
I am told that this is my greatest decision
Is it really the electrons traversing the axons
That determines the universe’s fate?
Is it true we’re just a micron of a meaningless speck?
Like I said, the tension betwixt these two is so great
I feel I’m being torn in two
The dangers of that are none too few
Yet neither are the abundance of the treasures

Image by La Boheme, Google Images

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Im glad to hear children playing outside
Their laughter permeating all walls and barriers
Breaking through the barricades
Tearing down the bleak tirades
Of shortening days and greater distances
Greater distances that must be spanned
With great tenacity, greater veracity
All contained within the sounds of children laughing

I place my head on pillows soft
Gazing through windows, mineral-flaked, aloft
The power lines cutting through the gray skies
Golden, red, and fading-green leaves
Holding on for dear life
Even though death has clearly already come
But has it really?
Doesn’t the tree still stand?
It’s roots gone deeply into the life-giving land
Though the visibilities show death even still
Death cannot overcome life’s greater love-will

All this I see outside the window sill
The window not covered with stained interventions
Just deposits from the lives spent and gone
I lie here in the comfort of this throne

To overcome and to span the greater distances.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Too many choices now
I could spend the rest of my days
Searching for everything that is nothing
Toys, games, vacations, wares
Clothes, phones, mutual fund shares
I don’t even have to get up from the couch
I can sit here like a leather slouch
Consuming all that comes into my orbits
Yet there is always this stirring
There is always this stirring deep within
No rhyme, no reason, no cry, no whim
Seems to meet it or explain it
I think we all are made for something more
I think we all go beyond the meandering bore
Of the retail mall circuit
Not that any of the things we need are bad
Not that any of the things we want are ugly
But they do not define the who we are
They do not fulfill the rising star
That is continuously rising within our chests
I look for answers, I look for rest
It seems like it is only where the stillness resides
It seems it is where the mystery hides
It seems to go beyond all the reason
No shape, no circle, no time, no season
Seems to contain it at all

I look forward to the cool of fall
As I choose to go walk up the mountain


Sunday, August 6, 2017


I cannot tell if it is evil
I cannot tell if it is good
It might even be both
Just being tossed heels over head
Is this life or is this death?
Who can tell in these deep, cold waters?
Or maybe all of this tumult
Is a sign I am almost to the shore
But is that really where I want to be?
Didn’t I cry out for the deep?
Didn’t I ask to be here?
Yes I did.
So I have nothing to fear
I simply relax

Enjoying the swimming