Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jacob's Dream

Jacob's Dream

Dead man walking
Making not one imprint on the world or its lands
Imprisoned in the hell of mere existence
Chains and stocks and fetters encircle my hands

I come to the final resting place
Never understanding why they call it a rest
When all is dead and gone
There is nothing more and nothing less

The chains pull me to the ground, the sound
Is almost like infernal laughter, hyenas howl
There is a shadow now above me
I am about to exit the now

The air from the shadow does stir me
It calls me to lift up my head
With everything, anything within me
I lift my eyes from the grip of the dead

I see the outlines, the masking of a ladder
The ladder does reach to the sky
As my eyes take this image into reality
My spirit releases a sigh

The release of the sound calls the angels
They begin to descend and ascend
I feel life beginning to rise in my being
I feel the chains lifted off by the Wind

The Wind then becomes a great Vortex
Pulling me up off my knees
It pulls all that binds me off of my spirit
It then stirs the leaves of the trees

I sense the smells of lavender, vanilla
I hear the sounds of the stirring of winds
I see light coming in all around me
I see angels that still ascend and descend

God was here and I didn’t know it
Right here in the place of my death
He reached out and sent forth His ladder
Simply waiting for the release of my breath

Everything changed in a moment

K, Duane Carter 3-27-11

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