Saturday, March 28, 2015

She's Stil In There

She’s Still In There
Can eternity be buried by the sands of time?
Can the beauty ever, ever be removed from the rhyme?
Can the birds ever be silent at the brightening sunrise?
Can the soft eternal blue ever fade from your eyes?

Never, for you are still in there

Can life’s winding path through mountains and stones,
Can the pain of the heart, worse than the pain in the bones,
Can these silence all that is golden, even quiet the woods
Can the mystery of you ever be quite understood?

Never, for you are still in there

Could I ever know the ever deepening depths of your soul?
Could I ever feel a heart that is happy and whole?
Could I ever live a love, a life that’s divine?
Could I ever see a life, a love that’s sublime?

Always….for you are still in here

K, Duane Carter 3/28/15

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stuck Indoors

Stuck Indoors
I think I might just be a honey bee
Who has flown in through the open window, free
Now I find myself in an entirely different world
Flying and buzzing around, searching for something familiar, swirls
Searching for pollen, searching for water
But there is none of that here
Only expensive furniture and carpet and stone and slaughter
As on and on my unseen wings do drone
I am running out of energy seeking for home
I am running out of sustenance
I cannot find the escape
Maybe it is where I first began this journey, behind the dark capes
If I can only find my way back to the sunshine 

K, Duane Carter 3/18/15