Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let There Be...

Darkness, steeped to the foundations
Chaos, the only stirring in the night
Until a ever silky breeze enters in
The ever-listening heart of God
Hears the Word of the Painter
He smiles, and He silently opens His wings
He hovers
A gentle voice, like that of a lovely woman
Goes forth
Simultaneously the universe trembles
And it has never stopped since
There, cutting through the darkness and chaos
Was light, and life and color
Beauty and wonder
The laughter still has not ceased
Neither will our wonder at it all
See this is all above the fall
The Laughter never ceases
It just continues to expand and expand
In every direction
Through every parameter
Blowing through all of our paradigms
Misting through all of our walls
Showing up in all of the oddest places
Where it perfectly fits the all

K, Duane Carter 11-26-11

I was deeply inspired to write this after listening to a song entitled "Let There Be" by Gungor.  If you're interested in listening, it is off their newest album entitled "Ghosts on the Earth."  I was going to title the poem something different, so I wouldn't have to bear the guilt of feeling like I had plagiarized it, but the title was just too perfect for me to give up.  Thanks to the Gungor crew for releasing such beauty and creativity and sharing it with us all.  By the way, if they are ever in your area GO SEE THEM.  You will never forget it.  They put on the most powerful and beautiful live performances I've ever seen.  Don't miss it if they are close by.  :)


  1. I am off to check out this song now. (I like what is playing now on your site) I am glad the laughter is still there (smiles) - (I tried to comment last night but I don't think it went through. if it did, sorry for the duplicate)

  2. Thanks Sheila! I'm glad the laughter is still there also...another good thing to be thankful for :) Hope you enjoy the song!