Monday, December 13, 2010


We all long to live in poetry
Not merely in beguiling drudgery
Yet we always seem to lack the rhyme
When we search for it in the bounds of time
We seek to do instead of to be
We want the answer instead of mystery
And then we stop and wonder why
Our living river is completely dry

We all long to live in poetry
Not merely in beguiling drudgery
Yet we refuse to move out of the ditch
We cover ourselves with tar and pitch
Then wallow in the muck and mire
Refusing to see where we can inspire
Is a place of clean simplicity
I think I’ll rest beneath this tree

K, Duane Carter 12-11-10

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Time is a created thing
Which means there is a place
Outside of the realm of time
Which means there is a trace
Of something eternal in our rhyme
I wonder how one gets there?

Wouldn’t it be so nice to be
One who dwelt in eternity,
Unconstrained by how long we had to be there?
I wonder if the gate is the air
I wonder how does one get there?

A thought occurs to me, it seems
That we enter there in a land of dreams
Where we see things before we see them
Where feather, flight, light and gem
Dance through cloudy visions
But unlike our apparitions
They are very much more real
So I slip into the world surreal

And let timelessness lead me on

K, Duane Carter 12-3-10

Friday, December 3, 2010

Experience vs. Reason

I just watched a video that was subtitled “how a genius proved the existence of God.”  It was a video on a German professor teaching young kids that God, if He existed, must be evil because He created evil.  A child stands and explains how cold is the absence of heat, and darkness is the absence of light and how we don’t study cold and darkness but heat and light.  He then goes to argue that evil is the absence of God and that God did NOT create evil but that evil is the absence of God’s love in man’s heart.  The video goes to say that it was Albert Einstein that stated this.  Now I don’t know if Albert did that as a child in a schoolroom or not, but this isn’t proof that God exists, it is just an argument that answers an opinion.  I’m beginning to think that one cannot “prove” God exists in the logical, geometrical, scientific sense of that word “prove.”  Now I have read enough of C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer and Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig and others to know there are brilliant reasons to show He does exist.  However, I am not sure that we can just hold up some human ideas and formulas and go, “SEE??  THERE HE IS!!!”  The reason I think that is because if God is really Who He says He is then He is beyond the scope of our reasoning.  I think we have put such a heavy weight on humanity’s ability to reason, that we think we gain all of the right answers that way, and there is no greater question that must be answered than, “Does God exist?” so we tackle it with only our reason and even after thousands of years of thinking and reasoning we STILL can’t come to a consensus as human beings whether our Creator is there and if He is whether He is good or not.  I’m beginning to wonder if this question can only be answered out of experience.  I’m not denigrating reason or apologetics or any of that.  God created our minds.  But I believe we have become slaves to our minds.  “If our mind can’t grasp it, then it doesn’t exist” is the predominant thought of the day.  That thought is absolutely ridiculous and is the open door for all kinds of error.  This is difficult to put into words even because words require systematic thought, but I just really sense that one of the great shifts in this new age coming is that we will know God exists because we experience Him.  This is what is coming.  Experiences are coming in which one will have to basically turn his/her brain OFF to say God doesn’t exist.  He always seems to know ways to get to our hearts even when our brains can’t grasp Him, and He is coming soon to knock on the door of your heart also.  Don’t let your brain talk you out of meeting with Him .