Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Night

Winter Night

I love to watch the moon rise
Silver clouds dusting through the skies
It slowly climbs above the leafless trees
The Spirit comes in the midst of the freeze
The Spirit comes in the midst of the freeze

It’s light falls, gentle, and never harsh
It brings new light to the winter bark
And takes what is starving and makes it thrive
My heart takes it in and comes alive

I can look at the light that doesn’t burn my skin
I can look at the face and take Him all in
Yet I haven’t even started, not even begun
To receive all the light reflected from the great sun

The moon still is rising over leafless trees
The Spirit is moving through the mist and freeze
The quiet and stillness through which I silently plod
Remind me of the majesty and greatness of God

And I am simply overwhelmed by it all

K, Duane Carter 1-2-10

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Message

Floating, floating through this earth
Where even gravity leaves a mark of mirth
Where footprints elevate in the sand
Where though there is no one to hold my hand
Still there is everything beside me and within me

A frowning face does turn my step
Yet it will not deter me from my path
I move around and over and beyond
I know the green, I know the frond
For there is everything beside me and within me

I might be part of gentle dust
I go barefoot through a time of trust
I see a mark that is left by me
It is on the path where I am free to be just me
For there is everything beside me and within me

K, Duane Carter  1-30-11

I wrote this for fun in response to the One Shoot Photography Challenge.  I hope you enjoy it!  Check out the other poems from this challenge at the site.  They are very good!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011



You and I could be snow
We could rest in the heavens
Surrounded by clouds
Filled with unique others
Made to fall and fly and water all at once
Absorbing the sounds around us
Taking in the peace and the tranquility of space
All impurity and fear erased
And then released
Falling, soaring, never boring
Landing to the earth like owls to the branch
Quiet, quiet, quiet
Yet releasing a sound that changes all
Releasing a sound that redeems the fall
Bringing a calm that can be felt
Bringing a reassurance, a softness
A purpose, a dream
The white does tell us what life does mean
Though we don’t understand it
We know in our soul
The sounds of the heavens have made us whole
Even when we could hear nothing at all

K, Duane Carter 1-29-11

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Compassion (Matthew 14)

Compassion (Matthew 14)

In a time of greatest heartbreak
In the midst of just wanting to be alone
He showed us why He was worthy
To step down from heaven’s throne
And become the Savior for all of us

He still lived off of Father’s compassion
He still went an extra mile
Even pushing the disciples into their destiny
I can feel and see His smile
When He said, “Bring those things to Me.”

A simple prayer, a simple faith
In the goodness and power of God
And in the midst of great sorrow and need
Jesus gives a simple nod
And there is more than enough for all

In a time of greatest heartbreak
In the midst of just wanting to be alone
He waits to lead us to our destiny
He longs to show us His home
And allow us to bring it where we live

With basketfuls left over…

K. Duane Carter 1-22-11

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Wings

The Wings

A stirring…
Oh, I feel a stirring
Just as the butterfly wing brings on the typhoon
The wings of the Spirit are moving; the Wind does resume
Those winds sweep across the universe
He is swooping and soaring and we do the same
When we enter into the glory of the incomprehensible Name
The Spirit’s great talons are sharpened and shine
They pierce all that is yours; they pierce all that is mine

A stirring
A whirring
Now all is blue, All is orange
Shifting, moving, Mystery in bodily and spiritual form
This, this is what is the norm
Are you ready for the twists and turns?
Are you ready for the ride?
Are you ready to fly through the portals and the nebulae?
And gather all of that inside
Simply so it may be released, simply so it might be contained
Simply so that in the desert there can be a pouring of Mighty Rain
Watching the creating, watching what is to be
Sensing, moving, being still
In the place where I am free

I feel the breeze upon my face

K, Duane Carter 1-16-10