Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flight of Fantastic

Flight of Fantastic

I am flying on the back of a winged being
Not a creature for He is not created
I cannot get a glimpse of His face
Nor a glimpse of His form
I only know I can feel His gigantic wings move
As I hold on for one glorious, terrifying ride
It was the music that led me here
Riding the waves of sound
A white ribbon, a torrent of movement
I find myself in a cloud, thick with warmth
Feeling the breeze, knowing I am in safety
Yet not knowing hardly anything at all
If I hold on, I will not fall
We come out of the shadowy clouds
Before me a great mountain
Stony spires rising high to the skies
Sunlight setting right behind it
A city of immense proportion
Yet more stunning was its beauty
I sat breathless wondering what world was this
Without words, it was spoken
The flying One speaks without sound
Only the beating of the wings
“This is an outpost of heaven.  It is one of the rooms of My house.”
I always thought a room was, well, a room
Not a gigantic beauty tucked into the mountains
A sunlight ethereal shining behind it
Air pure as the snowy sky
No fear, no doubts, no more of the questions why
Just a heart content, dwelling in the beauty
“I wonder how good this moisturizer works?”
I am back on earth
Yet the journey stays within my heart
The journey with the Spirit
Not just the sights I saw with my eyes
Left me mesmerized

K, Duane Carter 3-29-11

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