Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Moment

Often at sunset
when the sky is a series of colors indescribable 
But every one of them a hue of violet and rose
It is at that moment I realize
There is a greater world
There is a reality more real than the one I know
It’s not that I don’t like the skies of blue
But it’s that these colors, these phases, these hues
Are stepping stones to a more lovely place
I can almost feel the air
it is alive
These moments are the moments living is all about
These moments are the moments my heart lets out a shout
Because it sees the things that I don’t see
It feels the things that I have never felt
Nor could ever feel
And survive to relive the experience
I simply wish sometimes these moments were eternal
Because I always realize that they are

K, Duane Carter 4/21/12

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunset Morning

Sunset Morning

I step into another sunset morning
Where my eyes are closed
And I see the dreams
The place where I don’t know what anything means
Yet I know that it means everything

I hear the rhythms of distant stars
They awake the heavens and 
Dance does meet
With the sounds of the baby’s kicking feet
Even as she is hidden in womb
The wonder calls us all from the tomb
To taste, to smell, to dance, to live
To wonder, to know, to love, to give

Then I awake to amber skies and
The sounds of sunrise
I cry out to the top of my lungs
From the very depths
Life bursts from me, and it continues on

It’s time to rise
Time to shine
The light is on my face

And it comes from His
I awake to the amber skies

The sounds of sunrise

I am truly alive

K, Duane Carter 4/8/12  Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mountain of Smoke

Mountain of Smoke
I stand at the base of the mountain of smoke
No thunder, no fire, no trumpets
Just stillness, quiet, wind

In the distance soft
An ancient flute begins to sing
Just stillness, quiet, and wind
And the sound of God walking in His garden
The opportunity rises again

Once again I am given a choice
Walk in the mists
Or not

I step upward
Gasping for air
But I won’t turn around
For I want the cloud to consume me

Yet it already has

I step onward
Gasping for air
I cannot turn around
I want the cloud to consume me

For it already has

K, Duane Carter 4-7-12