Thursday, December 1, 2011



Years have slipped on by
As I have wandered this grassy knoll
I have steadily wandered further west
Until the ocean has hemmed me in
Now I stand with this familiar feeling again
Of the unknown, the untested, the unseen
The wondering of what everything does mean
While all the while not really having to know
Doubts are fading, peacefulness grows
In this garden that I have come upon
Where I never hear a familiar song
Yet my heart has heard them all before
My eternal eyes see an eternal door
My mind does not know how to unlatch it
The yielding does know how to catch it
Entering on the invitation
Not striving in dark gyration
I simply walk into something so much bigger than I
Not remembering the when, not understanding the why
I simply walk in realizing
Good Father led me the entire way
He’s led me far today…
Right in the midst of the stillness

K, Duane Carter 12-1-11

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