Monday, October 31, 2016

Tilt the Universe

Tilt the Universe (A tribute to the artists)

Sometimes a person simply needs a pen
A blank page
A sound
A silence

One might write a novel
One might write a word
One might paint a masterpiece
Another might sketch and scribble
Regardless, there is life released
A living dream penned on lifeless and silent papyrus
Whether simple or whether complex
Whether bright concave or dark convex
The universe feels the difference
There is a new creation amongst the atoms
Something that did not exist before
The universe feels the difference
We all can feel the change inside
We all can sense the pain subside
We all can know the pace, the stride
Begin to move toward our peace, our freedom
Haste and gently do not waste
These moments you carry in your rhyme
These etches you imagine in your time
Your pen marks have made all the difference


Sunday, October 30, 2016


It’s something that I simply do
Something old to something new
Then back again and back again
I search out for the intricate
Only knowing what is dubious
This shifting comes on, furious
Leaving me breathless, silent

Life should not be this way
But yet, it is this way
Maybe life should be this way
A coming, a going,
A yay, a nay
All in the same breadth of a lifespan
Wide as the needle’s eye
Narrow as the galaxies
This paradox will melt your mind
Or it will simply help your heart get stronger
I could go on, I could stay longer

Or I could just simply be

Saturday, October 29, 2016


The clouds reveal so much more
More than we’ll ever know
All the while we sit on earth
Trying to force the poetry into rhyme
Trying to maim it into meter
The heart contains so much more than syllables
So much more than numbers and pedantic
I will not kill my soul on the altar of propriety
I will not bleed out my heart on the treadmill of the “arts”
Critics, hobos, and bankers all snuff their nose
But I see a lion in the clouds
Roaring along the birds of creativity and wonder
I see the sunset with the moon rising in the east
Though night has come
It is the full moon
And there is plenty of light for everyone

To see what the clouds reveal

The Poppy

I might be like this…
A colorful something amongst concrete and stone
A carefully designed something that sits all alone
Wondering how I came here
Wondering who I am
Not realizing that all is well in love and war
Not realizing that I do make a difference

Even if it is just for a wisp of moments.