Saturday, June 30, 2012



I have seen a glimpse of angels
Right here on the porch
This morning eternity was in the creek
Meandering through time’s torch
While those of the highway overpass
Went by toward their destinations
All the while they still went by
The creek moved still in contemplations
It always has, it always will
So I rest here in my chair in the sun
The hovering came, watching my watching
Then came a display of the bright heavenly ones,
Which I happened to simply catch in a moment
Yes, it was more than mere reflections
But it was much better than a nothing, naught
It was a marvelous resurrection
I didn’t need an answer, 
I didn’t need to know
I simply needed beauty
To remind me it was so
K, Duane Carter 6/30/12

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Something about this picture reminds me of me
Formed by volcanic activity
Rocks and desolation everywhere


Signs of life breaking out in the midst
Water, though frozen, is present
Promising more
More life, more goodness, more refreshing
All of this covered in the cloud
And even in the desolation
It is beautiful

K, Duane Carter 6/21/12