Thursday, December 29, 2011



Tonight I heard the sound
My heart, my soul, my flesh have longed for it now
I heard, I felt, the rumble
The rumble of God taking a step
He comes, with light in His eyes
With goodness flowing from Him
Love flowing from His every breath
Life arising, felling death
I heard it again, another rumble
Deep, shaking, earth-trembling
But what is this?
The sounds grow closer and closer together
Until it joins into a thunder
A mighty, shaking thunder
Faster and faster it rolls
Until I realize
It is my Father
Running to scoop me up into His arms
I fear no more
I fear no more
The rushing wind of His mighty arms sweeps me up
I am raised to new life
The thunder is now a roar, the roar of the Lion
The roar of billions of angels
Saying it is time to rise, look up, arise
The Father’s face I recognize
Though at first all I knew was the sound of His footsteps

It’s amazing at what happens in the silence

K. Duane Carter 12-29-11

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