Sunday, February 19, 2017

To Be Continued

To be continued…
I have embraced everything meant to destroy me
I’ve shunned everything that gives me love
The recognition of it all isn’t helpful
I think I might just need a death, a burial
In order to see something new
Maybe this blind man needs to view
The sunshine that starts the new day
I’ve been told to believe and pray
This I’ve done ten thousand times
Ten thousand times ten thousand
Yet here I am
On the opposite side of the universe
Floating along as the missing link
I sense my soul and body sink
Into the fires of some distant nebula

I have searched for answers
I have searched for gold
I have humbled myself
To gain riches untold
But all I have is dirt and grime
And emptiness surreal

As I sit here amongst the dirt and sand
I sling the particles of dust from my hand
Not realizing this is the very substance of magnanimous creation

I must have a new imagination
I must see things as they really could be
I must enter into a regeneration
I must plant my being beside the great trees

I must grow right where I’m planted
I must trust the farmer when it is time for uprooting
These pains, these doubts, these questions are shooting
Quite the snowstorm amongst my brain

I embrace the process

I embrace the pain

I embrace the love

I embrace the mystery

And I realize this story is to be continued…

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