Sunday, February 5, 2017

Stellar Orbits

Stellar Orbits
Life has boiled down to
10 million different diversions
All set in stellar orbits
All just shooting stars
A light, an explosion, a fading mist
Then a cold and empty blackness
Truly drifting through the night
If I draw my attention to the beckoning fire
If I dwell too long there
I begin to feel the voice of the heat
The pain of the cold
So instead of drawing closer
I choose to step away
The steps just quicken and continue
Now I’m in a land of complete desolation
Numb from head to toe
Numb into the eternal depths
That I thought were there for my safety
But they are not
They are not there for my safety
They are there to point me back to the fire
The places where there are both love and pain
The places where I live my name
Instead of seeing it freeze and crackle 
From a dead,cold whisper of time
I’m so glad the water isn’t frozen here
This place where the mind cannot fathom
There is only so far that mere knowledge can go
There is only so much depth to the snow
Before there is the force of the molten lava
Turning everything to water and steam
Held back by a thin crust of dark and earth
I have heard of mirth
I’ve heard its name
Yet this place I stand seems all the same
As any place I have ever been
I walk and walk but there is never a change of the scenery
It seems this one gigantic crag is always to my right
Always rising up to mock me
In its gigantic stillness, silence
Reminding me I have always been here
And just might always be
Stuck in an eternal, ephemeral circle
Of boredom and mere existence
I used to look for warmth, for light
Now my eyes know not what to look for
They simply peer at the ground
Not wanting to see the same monotony
The same leafless branches they’ve known before
I used to listen
For music, for dancing
For trust, for laughing
Yet I can only hear the emptiness, the frenzied stillness
Of billions of beating hearts
Their sounds not even touching the universe
Though that is what they were made to be
I think I’ll rest here for the night
This journey has made me listless
One day there will be a sunrise
To greet me when I awake
But for now I will lie down in silence
Watching the stellar orbits around me
Listening to the sounds

Of the vapors touching the skies

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