Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snapped Awake

Snapped Awake
I’m sitting at a table
Surrounded by women speaking Greek
I don’t understand a thing
Nor can I get a word in edgewise
Nor would it matter if I could
For I would be so misunderstood
So I begin to drift away
I begin to wander, stray
I like it here in the wilderness
The quiet, the solitude, the stillness
No responsibility to engage
No grand efforts to hold it all together
I have slipped so far into the daydream 
That I don’t even hear when my name is called
I don’t know how long I’ve been here
I don’t know how long I stayed
I think it was the third time or so that my name was called
I suddenly snapped back to the moment
Awake, alert, all senses on guard
Completely ignorant of the conversation
Completely void of any answers to the questions
Completely unaware of what the questions are
I am seemingly stuck in this awkward moment forever
Everyone at the table looking at me
Expecting an answer to the question I didn’t even hear

Maybe I’ll go and find that rock I belong under
Maybe it’s a marble stone
My name, some dates, some times
Some stillness, all stillness
Or maybe I should find the rock I’m supposed to stand upon
And simply let the sunshine bathe my face
This awkward moment will be erased
Just like all the others
Just like every other time

Where I was called upon to not be me

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