Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Can you sense new dreams arising?
Can you feel a radiant hope anew?
Don’t you feel there is a new day dawning?
Can’t you hear the morning dew
Singing a new song?
A song your heart has been singing all along
Yet it seemed there was no one else to hear it
But now it’s been heard
It has risen to the heavens like a hummingbird
And has fallen to the earth like an eagle
Powerful and windswept
Magical and momentous
Your hopes and dreams have come alive again
The colors and lights and sounds are friends
That have joined with you on the journey

I am glad to be watching this happen
A river from heaven overflowing its banks
No longer will we walk the planks
Of harsh and bitter judgments


No, we will walk through meadows of poppies
Baby’s breath
Fields of lupine and gold
A greater story will begin to unfold
As we walk on through the color fields
No sword, no vine, no thorn, no shield
Will keep us from the heights
We will dance and sing with all our might
For all our might will be easy
The sounds, the lights, the smells all pleasing
Will be the order of our days

So won’t you join me in this fray

This raucous celebration?

I’d really like to be with you for at least another hundred years…


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