Friday, February 17, 2017


I’ve noticed that the earth is brown
It seems that it could be the color of down
Yet I sense it carries something much more
A place where there is an opening of a great door
Where earth is a gate to heavenly places
Joyful gatherings and beautiful faces
simply spring to life and come to be
Where acorn grows into the tree
Where man grows up and begins to exist
The place where light and love does kiss
From dusky dawn to gentle breeze
From moving waters of hearts in peace
This is the place where heaven does grow
This is the place where I always know
That brown was simply meant to be
To show it’s not always the ways that I see
There is often more, there is more that’s hidden
There is strength in weakness, more when given
I see now more of what brown does show

It’s the lower I am, then the higher I go

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