Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kissing Sun

Kissing Sun
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I see
People moving, walking, enjoying life
Why not me?
They seem to know who they are
What they’re made to do
Just saunter along through the morning dew
Until you sleep at night
Every thing is all right
But not with me.
Maybe the problem is I’m not sure who I am
I’m not sure where I’m going
I’m not even sure where I’ve been
I’ve lost the memories in the day-to-day battle
Of simply surviving to see another listless day
Maybe this is me
Maybe I am right where I belong
Walking slowly to a wanderer’s song
With my eyes always turning back to see what I might have missed
The shadows long, the sun I kissed
The light has faded out the memory

The wind does blow a gale today
The lake waves hit the shore, the spray
Goes flying by in desperate adoration
Of the stillness in which I sit
Surrounded by the gentle wings
Of love and life and simple things
Wondering why I have this ache about me

Even nature can plainly see
That I have the heartache to be set free
So we can join together in a passionate song
And sing the night and through the whole day long
Until we’re both so drunk we don’t even know it
We can only live a life that shows it
But there I go again in fantasy
Wondering why I have this ache in me
Knowing it is there for a reason
Knowing there is coming a fruitful season
When life does spring up from this ground
The breaking of the soil will release a sound
That all the earth will know and hear
The life of love, the death of fear
This will be great reality, this will be the death of me
And no one and everyone will realize the difference

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