Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Daydreams in Nightmares

Daydreams in Nightmares
Sometimes I just stare out the window
I get into a place where there is nothing at all
Nothing permeating my mind except what is in front of me
Even that slips off into a surreal mist
I see the birds sunning themselves
Drying off after a good bath
Finding the crumbs from last night’s outdoor dinner
Cleaning the porch more thoroughly than the children have ever done
A dancing web, the rising sun
Is the only framework this vision will ever need

The morning routine chases the birds away
The children stay inside to play
In the realms of entertainment and imagination
I seek an end to this daily frustration
While the birds are trying to alight again
Trying to find their place back in the scene of things
I walk in lands with golden rings
Every single one of them a strange distraction
Distorted views and a dark refraction
Seem to be the norm 
But my hope is warm
To the coming of the seas
To the faithfulness of the trees
Standing as they have always stood before
A beacon to an open door
Which leads to secrets of the universe

These poems of a post modern man
Seem so difficult for me to understand 
When they are grappled with the mind
Unleash the being that sings beyond all time
Enter into the vision of rhythm and rhyme
One will then know the dark from the difference

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