Monday, February 20, 2017


That time between the worlds, secession
Where sleep is dream and wake is a question
Where our souls get closer to where our spirits dwell
And oceans wander and the deep does swell
Where light and life and echoes cease
To be just yearnings and are released
There the call of wonder comes
It beckons for the light of sun
Yet is saddened by its appearance for
The soul does long and cries for more
Of the time between the worlds in slumber
Worlds where what is not is number
Worlds where what can be are living
Worlds where what we need are giving
Everything our heart desires
In living waters and spirit fires
We step into a flowing river
That brings us warmth and makes flesh shiver
Until it seems it is no more
Where last week’s sky is this week’s floor
And all of this wrapped up in time
To walk along in slumber’s rhyme
Is to be so close to heaven we can taste it

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