Friday, March 3, 2017

The Daily

The Daily
I’d like to write a poem every day
Yet I seem to run out of things to say
That happens when the clock runs your life
No time to take the time for living
Just keep on going and keep on giving
Until there is nothing left in the heart or soul or mind
So unwind
I’m finding it’s ok to have time for me
I’m finding it’s ok to have fun and be free
It’s perfectly good to say no to the good
So I can say yes to the best
A day of nothing, a week of rest
These are the things that creativity grows well in
So get out of the clatter and noisy din

Take a trip to the mountains, even if just in your mind
Let life begin to fill your hopes and dreams
Let love begin to replace the time
This is where life begins to grow and have meaning

A wondrous start to each day

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