Saturday, March 11, 2017


I sense a great chaos
Churning and turning
Roaring and buzzing
Multiple ideas, and thoughts
Lies and truths
Swirling in a great pandemonium
All within the confines of my mind
An entire universe of universes
Trapped within the rind
Of a cantaloupe

I am about to burst asunder
Spilling all of this new wine out on the ground
Releasing nothing but the anguishing sound
Of goodness being pulled into the soil

But wait

Where there is a boundary, there is a gate
I see and feel this border, frozen
Yet it lies amongst these paths I’ve chosen
I run into it everywhere
I feel its presence in the air
I know this is something deeper
More intoxicating than bourbon cider
It pulsates with a living life
It forms a bridge across all chasm
I know it only as a rhythm
That continuously beats across all times
It continuously harvests all life’s rhymes
Producing only the best of wines

I wait for sun or for perdition
I wait for love or for admonitions
I wait for song and I wait for dance
I wait for love and a stark romance
Drawing closer to the rhythm
Drawing closer to the rhythm

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