Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sunday Afternoon Musings (Cloudless)

Sunday Afternoon Musings (Cloudless)
My eyes look into the bright blue skies
But they cannot do so for long
The sunlight is too bright
And there is no endpoint on which to focus
My eyes keep wanting to see something they can grasp
 Something they can clasp
Anchored into the sure, the known
Yet into the wonder I have been thrown
So deeper, higher I long to see
So I look again
And see the smile, the face of God

The vultures come by the droves
One hawk soars among them
Even death is swallowed up in worship
Transformed into the sweeping flight of angels
Dancing majestically to the music
A scavenger turned to soarer
In the midst of the one who knows
In the midst of the one who is known

Interruptions are the sounds of life
So don't bemoan them like death
For silence is the music of the graveyard
And order its breath of day
So do you please care to stay
Fill my life with your vibrant libations
I will do so in return
For this is how the living learn
To swim in the wondrous waters
The places of the deeps, unknown
For again it is into wonder we've been thrown
We have to force ourselves out of the joys
By walking the earth alone
It was never meant to be that way
So I’ll step into the fray
All the while stepping into the peaceful

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