Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Liberation (the unwrapping)

Liberation (the unwrapping)
There’s an app to tell me how well I’ve slept
An app to tell me if I’ve walked enough
An app to keep me on my feet
An app to measure if I’m fit and tough
Yet there’s not an app to help rid me of this anger
Nothing to diagnose this loneliness, this angst
There’s not an app to tell me why I can never seem
To find the level where my soul is ranked
There’s not an app to help me find my tribe
The place where destiny dwells
No place amongst the robotic swells
Only life seems to be able to do this
Only living among the living and not amongst the dead
Nor amongst the robotic
So I set my phone down on the table’s bed
I walk outside and I keep on walking
My pedometer thinking I’m just a lazy slob
but the real me is walking into true freedom

This is just what I needed

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