Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Another Other

Another Other
I had to take a nap today

I was completely exhausted
From trying to be someone I’m not
I guess that’s why some have to drink their coffee
I guess that’s why some have to smoke their pot
It seems we’re all one day thrown into this game
This game where so very few are winners
This show, this play, this fantasy world
Of lights, of sounds, of spinners
We’re supposed to act one way in public
Then be another whole other in bed
We’re supposed to smile like there is no tomorrow
Even when our past and our present are dead
We must laugh when we want to be somber
We must cry when we just want to leave
We must carry every one else’s burdens
While our own over Gibraltar we heave

Into the oceans of forgetfulness and naught

I had to take a nap today
I need one every time
I work to live out another’s poem
Instead of living out my own rhyme

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