Friday, March 24, 2017


I want to go back to the homelands
I don’t even know exactly why
My ancestry here goes back 200 years
But my spirit still lets out a sigh
A sigh that echoes off the cliffs of Dover
A sigh that resonates with the pipes
I sense my heartbeat swelling larger
This longing flies in the winds as a kite
Yet I am held by this string
Called the American dream
Held in bondage within the land of the free
Home of the brave
Yet a commoner, a carter, a knave
There is still something gloriously grand within me
Something mysterious as in the Land’s End
The land, the earth, is calling me friend
The mists, the swells, the rain, the sea
Is calling to say that it misses me

I don’t know why

Another sigh

One day I must walk amongst the greens
The giants, the hills
I’ll walk the walks, I’ll smell the moors
I’ll feel the winds, I’ll find the doors
To a land of ancient wisdom, tales
Of beauty, sorrow, yearning, sails
I will find something there that tells only me
Exactly who I was made to be

I will walk in the midst of the kingdom

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