Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Void

The Void
It is strange to think that emptiness
Can carry such significant weight
How can it have such a powerful impact
Dropping boulders so heavy and great
They leave my heart a crushed up mess
Like grapes trodden on the ground
My heart it yearns for any sound
That would bring some purpose, some meaning
I’m so tired of trying to force the rhyme
I’m so tired of trying to play the rhythm
These damned distractions do so hinder the art
The art of the effortless beauty
But sometimes these fanciful ideas are myth
They contain a truth,  a touch of bliss
But in the end they always fall short of the filling
So I must move on to find the truth that is fulfilling
But still I have yet to find it
I know these facts inside my head are inadequate
They have no colors to paint the hues of the masquerades
They have no tinctures to match the escapades 
Of the ones who live life so completely
But I believe most of these are dead
The skies are dark, the blood is red
And I just sit here in this meandering state
Frustrated more than ever that this heaviness within
Cannot be described with mortal words
Or mortal wounds
The dog is yipping in the bedroom
Reminding me of the mundane
The ritual we all walk, insane
Doing the same thing every day
Without any vivid recollection
Maybe it’s time to stop the vapid reflection
And instead point my heart to a source
A source of everything the universe is made of
A source of everything we’ve never, ever known
We speak of it all as dark matter
Yet we cannot even measure it
Much less give it an appropriate name
Whether we see it or not, it is all the same
For it makes everything in the universe to be different
Diffuse, unique, mystique, eternal
Whether black or grey or red or vernal
I know not
All I do know is that even in the discussion
My emptiness is no more

Time to soar

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