Monday, January 9, 2017


I see a land of blue skies
White clouds
Just beyond the lands of smoke and plume, beyond fire and lava
Steam and flame
This place where no one knows my name
Nor does anyone care to know it
I see a land beyond


These ancient trees stand at the entry
They speak with arms all outstretched
They say, “You cannot pass. You shall not enter here.”
I feel an old companion, fear
Begin to rise up inside my chest
I look to the ground, I take a breath
I realize there is always another way

I look up to the trees, leafless, barren
I speak
“There are things one sows, those same we reap
I have sown love and passion and honor”
As I smile, I weep 
and say,
“I will see the lands of my ancient fathers.”

The trees they scoff at such a line
They do not budge one inch.

I hear the calling of the finch

I begin to walk to the singing

“Where do you think you’re going?”
The gnarled garrison barks in unison

“I am going to the song.” I reply
And I leave them in confusion

My feet are anxious to walk in the newly fallen snow
My heart is anxious to begin to grow
So that it might hold all the beauty that is before me


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