Saturday, January 7, 2017

Blue Lands

The Blue Lands
I'm not used to this enduring cold
This absence of heat
This growing old
I'm not used to this sadness 
But yet I am familiar 
I've let it rob me
Of being a man
And even greater still 
I've let it rob me of being a human 
So like C3PO I stagger about
Encompass everything's nothing
I spew and I spout
Yet have nothing to say
To bring colors to the flowers
I go on in my knowledge 
About hours and showers 
Yet never bring rain to the sun fields 
I creak and squeak and groan, my shields
Have protected me from the very lifelines I needed
The singing of the birds I've heeded
It is there I shall find out some answers
The sun,the moon, the arts, the dancers 
Will point me to the way
I go on writing and throwing this day
Into the building of mortar and bricks 
These stones, these shells, these rocks, these sticks
Were never enough to save me
So, though all living may skin and berate me
I will choose to rest on the battlefield 
Because I am weary of the blood, the limbs, the smoke
I am weary of the words that make me choke 
I just want to see the sunshine
Through dance, through song, through sound, through rhyme
I enter into the blue lands beyond all time

And I jolly well plan to stay there

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