Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Tree

The Tree
I see this person that I’ve become
Most seem to mourn this aging
I have come to see it as a stark improvement
Over the ridiculous ignorance of my youth
I was much to sullen
Much too serious
Now I see the world really doesn’t depend on me
Now I see that to taste the free
I get to dance in the world of going lightly
I get to allow my neighbor to walk so slightly
Upon everything I ever believed in
Still I nod with respect
My heart and soul I do not neglect
But rather I go on in the making
I go on with the sifting, on with the shaking
Enjoying this one hell of a ride
I take the hurts and the pains in stride
I keep on walking, I keep on learning
I keep on hoping, I keep on weaning
Myself off of this very drab lore.
I know not what there might be in store
For the rest of the grand delusion
But I do know there is love and there is goodness
For I have found these things are truly eternal
So I like this person I’ve become
I know no answers
Only questions
I know not the length of any gestations
I simply know that I’m growing into myself

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