Friday, March 11, 2011

Son, I Am

Son, I Am

I have gone through doors unopened
Completely unaware of it
My only sign the winds that stirred
I felt, when in the midst my vision blurred

I have stood before wells
Piercing the skies, feeling the wails
Water pouring forth from above
When all I did was raise my hand
Father wanted to hold mine
Connection was created, rivers flowed
No effort at all
When all seemed barren and dry

I have danced before no one
Nothing to see
Heaven moved and right before me
The universe became my playground
Yet for all this depth, all so profound
Everything visible was moved
With the release of a breath
Silence stilled, canceled death
Hurricanes averted, trembling ceased
Depression lifted, joy released
As the earth shook gently beneath my feet
In all of the stillness…

I have borne the weight of the quiet
Lying heavily on my chest
And in this place of quiet rest
Winds of change do blow
The only thing that I do know
Is this is what sons do
When Father makes all things new

K, Duane Carter 3-11-11 

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