Saturday, March 5, 2011



I sit here quietly, pondering
Waiting for words to drop like the rain from the sky
A constant, a constant wondering why
Looking for reasons that don’t exist
In the place where I understand
Things formed by a greater hand
Infinitely great, infinitely small
Infinitely vast, infinitely all
Which is why I am quiet in my pondering
Somewhat afraid to journey into that
For when could I ever return?
For when could I ever learn,
When there is no end to the learning?
Yet I cannot deny the burning, yearning
Heaven strikes its most beautiful note
And my heart just sings and rings
Sounds I don’t understand
Lyrics I don’t comprehend
Yet they are placed right here before me

In the faces of my wonder-filled children
In the smile of my beautiful wife
In the breath that flows through my being
In the Presence that gives me my life

I take the step,
Discovering I actually have wings
See what happens when heaven sings?
My heart still rings…

K, Duane Carter 3-5-11

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