Sunday, March 13, 2011


image by Fee Easton


I dwell in the shadows of precision
Pristine chapels wonderful in their symmetry
Yet just blurred in the background
Bricks and glass arched like the sun

Yet they are blurry shadows
My unkempt hair blown in the wind
Sharp, defined, and seen
But from life I have been weaned
Now I just draw what I can from the elements
No use for shadows, no use for sacraments
I will draw everything out of life that I can breathe
While all of that draws the very life out of me

Can you see my soul?  Can you sense my spirit?
They lie hidden behind my eyes
Which lie hidden behind my darkness
Yet all is clear, all is seen
You see life and know what it means
When you look at the contrasts of me
You can feel my sadness, you can sense my fear
When you take the time to see that I’m here
Seeing beyond the three’s and the flow
I am here in the depths for you to know
Not to be blurred into the background
With bricks and glass arched like the sun

K, Duane Carter 3-13-11

This poem was written for the One Stop Poetry Photo Challenge.  This is a great link to check out each week because there are always incredible photos and excellent poems to peruse.  It is a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


  1. You write about one of my favorite aspects of the pic, which is the sharp foreground against the blurry background. Through this angle you focus on her face and image—building layers, contrasts, and questions into the poem. Nicely done, K.

  2. Thanks dustus! There is a great contrast here in this photo, and it was a great choice to write about.

  3. You're reaching behind the photo, telling the back story, fitting the young woman into her background. Nice one, Duane.

  4. Thanks Glynn! An image like that just has to have a story.

  5. Tried posting a comment before, but it shot me to a 'convert me to Xianity' link.

    Good, sensitive (but not weak) work.

  6. Thanks Steve! Sorry about the problem with the link. Not sure what that is about, but thanks so much for the encouraging comment :).