Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I have sensed the poetic
Yet I have yet to engage it
That delight seems to flit around in great whimsy and flight
When I try to approach it with determination and might
It surely just whisps away
Or possibly I might squash it like an annoying ant
Under the padding of my thumb
I cannot enter the world of numb
I simply, simply cannot
I must feel the joy along with the pain
I must imbibe the sunshine along with the rain
Because both are essentially life-giving
I’d rather hurt in the land of the living
Than be eternally numb in the realms of the dead
I touch the fear, I feel the dread
Yet this fire within me will consume it
I will not take it for granted, nor will I assume it
To be ever present, though it always is
I rather yield to the waxing flames
I listen for the lightning names
To sound off in the dark distances
In dark divorce, in stark romances
There is ever still the light, the heat
The love that sits on supremacy’s seat
It is love that will aways guide me
I am sensing the poetic

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